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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6, Episode 12: This is how we eat

Rick's proactive plan: kill all the Saviors, before they kill his people.


Rick's proactive plan: kill all the Saviors, before they kill his people.



This week's episode of The Walking Dead started with fresh-baked cookies and ended with a satellite hub littered with dead bodies.

Sort of a typical day post-zombie apocalypse.

While Rick and a small group are away at the Hilltop with Jesus, domesticity carries on in Alexandria. Primarily in the form of Carol's famous cookies.

A lack of normal baking ingredients led Carol to get creative. The end result was pinkish-brown cookies made with toasted acorns and sweetened with canned sliced beets.

Watch out, Ina Garten.

Like the zombie-killing, cardigan-wearing mom she is, Carol bakes cookies for the entire community, handing out green-lidded tupperware containers to everyone she passed.

One lucky fellow on the receiving end of her cookies was Tobin, who is slowly evolving into Carol's new beau.

During the two occasions they flirt on his front porch, they chat about her cookies and revelations about the new world they live in.

Tobin confesses that Carol terrifies him because she can do things he may or may not ever be capable of doing. But he also highly respects her for being a mother to the entire community.

"It's not the cookies or the smiles. It's the hard stuff, the scary stuff," Tobin says. "That's how you can do it — strength."

When Rick and his group return from the Hilltop, he calls a meeting to discuss their pact with the other community and the new threats they face.

Rick lays it out plain and simple: they got half of the Hilltop's supplies and agree to trade with each other from then on, and in exchange Rick's people help take out Negan and his Saviors.

"We're gonna have to fight," Rick says. "We kill them all."

Obviously, Morgan objects to this plan.

Like an idiot, he claims the group should talk to the Saviors first; give them a chance to back off and avoid a war.

Luckily Morgan is the only one who disagrees with Rick's plan. All of them have had their lives threatened numerous times by both the living and the dead. None of them want to go back to the days of the Governor, Terminus or the Wolves.

Rick reiterates: "We have to come for them, before they come for us."

After the community meeting, Morgan is shunned again when he tries to talk to Carol. Clearly she's still mad at him for letting the Wolf live, endangering the lives of everyone in the community and then trying to kill her.

She basically tells him to leave her the hell alone. And no, she isn't going to tell Rick what Morgan did. It's just not worth the fight.

The night before their trip to Negan's supposed compound, everyone makes plans for the future with their beaus.

Carol shares a kiss with Tobin, easing his worries over her going off to fight. When she can't sleep, she adds numbers to her journal documenting how many lives she's taken. The number is now up to 18.

Glenn doesn't even fight Maggie when she says she's coming along in the morning, though he'd rather her stay behind to ensure her and the baby's safety.

Tara declares her love for Denise, who promises to say 'I love you' when Tara returns from the trip.

Abraham breaks up with Rosita, quickly packing his things to move out of the house. His reason: when he first met her he thought she was the last woman on Earth. Turns out, she's not.

The next morning two cars and an RV full of Rick's people arrive a short distance away from the alleged compound. The Saviors want Gregory's head as payment for a shoddy drop of supplies. Rick is going to give it to them in the form of a modified walker head.

Until the sun comes up, Rick's plan goes so smoothly it's scary.

Like choreographed ninjas they take out the two guards, rescue Craig, bust down doors and silently kill the people inside.

For many of those on the trip, this is the first time they've had to kill the living. Two of them — Heath and Glenn — struggle with the task. Though visibly shaken, Glenn bucks up when he sees a wall in one of the dorms decorated with polaroids of people with bashed in skulls.

It was only at the end did the gunfire start.

Even Father Gabriel gets in on the action. He recites Bible verse to a man before he shoots them.

Alexandria 1, Saviors 0.

In the daylight, everyone reels from the bloodshed. Michonne asks, "I wonder which one was Negan."

All of a sudden they hear a motorcycle. One of the men that got away speeds out of the compound, but not before he's shot then tackled by Daryl, the rightful owner of said bike.

Gurgling blood, the man yells at him to shoot him. Then a woman's voice rings out of the man's walkie-talkie. She tells them they're watching them and they want to talk.

"We've got a Carol and a Maggie, I'm thinking that's something you wanna chat about," the voice says.

Alexandria 1, Saviors 1.

The Saviors have our two favorite women, and in case it wasn't clear to everyone, none of the dead Saviors are Negan.

I'm fairly confident that satellite building wasn't Negan's main hub. He's probably relaxing with his many wives and guards in a larger, more protected compound. And he is going to be livid when he hears what just happened to his men.

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