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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6, Episode 13: Meet us on the kill floor

Maggie and Carol's captivity with the Saviors begins and ends on the kill floor of an abandoned slaughterhouse.


Maggie and Carol's captivity with the Saviors begins and ends on the kill floor of an abandoned slaughterhouse.



Where, oh where, did our cardigan-wearing killer Carol go?

She hasn't been the same since she documented her 18-plus kills in a bedside journal.

The reality of her actions is finally hitting her like a freight train and she doesn't seem to be able to carry the guilt.

At the end of last week's episode, Rick and his crew successfully slaughtered all of (supposedly) Negan's Saviors at an outpost and took another hostage. Unfortunately, Maggie and Carol were taken by survivors in the process.

Rick tried to make a deal with the woman on the walkie-talkie to give Savior Primo back in exchange for Maggie and Carol. The red-headed woman, Paula, was just "eh I'll think about it."

A short, blindfolded and duct-taped car ride later, Carol and Maggie are shoved into a machine room at an abandoned slaughterhouse by Paula, Molly, Donny and a younger, brunette woman who was a little too quick to shove her gun in their faces.

The place was a safe spot for the Saviors, though it wasn't free of walkers. When Paula drags a dead one out of the room, the walker's rosary gets caught on Carol's boot. The innocent strand of beads and crucifix was a prop for Carol's Oscar-winning performance.

Rosary tucked safely in her pocket, Carol started hyperventilating and having a panic attack. The women try to shush her, but her terror takes over.

Paula ungags Maggie, who yelled at her to take Carol's gag out to stop her hyperventilating.

"You're a nervous little bird," the older woman, Molly, said as Carol clutches the rosary in her duct-taped hands.

Paula, the obvious leader, thought it was comical that Carol is so terrified. "What are you so afraid of?" She said. "You're actually afraid to die, after all this?"

Carol calmed down, and pleads to them to just not hurt Maggie or her unborn baby.

The man Carol wounded before their capture, Donny, was still pretty upset, and kept screaming from the pain in his arm. He didn't appreciate Carol just sitting there unharmed while he suffered.

A fight breaks out, Donny hit Paula, got head-butted by Maggie, kicked Carol multiple times and ultimately got pistol whipped by Paula, which knocked him off his feet.

"He's in pain," Paula said. "Guys can't handle pain."

Through Paula and Molly's conversations with Carol, we heard a little about their backgrounds and got a taste of how truly insane and sadistic the Saviors are.

Paula used to be a secretary for an unappreciative boss before the world ended. She said he was weak, and prevented her from reuniting with her husband and children. He was the first person she killed. She stopped counting and caring after hitting double digits.

Carol tried to relate to Paula by mentioning her husband's abuse. Paula fired back, claiming they are far from being similar. She recited an inspirational email she got once about three pots of boiling water, a carrot, an egg and ground coffee beans.

Carrots become soft when boiled; eggs become hard when boiled. But coffee beans change the water itself. "You're supposed to wanna be the coffee beans," Paula said.

She reiterated her differences from Carol, calling her weak and pathetic.

Though Paula continues to communicate with Rick to make a deal, she made plans to leave the slaughterhouse with the two women instead. She knew Rick and his group weren't far based on the lack of static when he talked through the walkie.

When she leaves the room, Carol quickly cuts free of her binds, rescues Maggie from another room and sets up a trap to kill their captors.

Ol' Donny is already dead on the floor of the machine room, probably from loss of blood in his arm. They tied up walker Donny to a metal pipe to sic on Molly when she comes looking for them.

After he bit Molly, Maggie threw her to the ground and beat her to death with her own gun.

Minutes later, Paula found Donny's and Molly's bodies.

Two down. Two to go.

The only thing Maggie and Carol had to get through to escape was make it through a hall full of walkers impaled on spikes. Seemed easy enough.

The younger, brunette woman came looking for her friends only to get in a fight with Maggie, then get a bullet in the brain from Carol.

She wasn't very nice anyway.

When Paula found them, she saw the real Carol. Yet, she still wasn't impressed. She was shocked to see what Carol could really do, but still questioned what Carol was afraid of.

Carol admits she is afraid of this; she's afraid of having to kill.

Fortunately, she pushed that fear aside long enough to shoot Paula in the arm, impale her on a spike and watch her face get eaten by a walker.

Through tears, Carol talks to the Saviors arriving: "Meet us on the kill floor."

Like the bada**** they are, Maggie and Carol set up another trap. They trapped the just arrived Saviors in the kill floor and watched them burn on the other side of the door.

When the two are reunited with Rick, Glenn and the others, it's obvious they are more than shaken by the ordeal.

Carol admits to Maggie, "I think I've killed 18 people, maybe 20." They both agreed they just can't think about it, but the murders they've committed are hard to avoid.

Tonight's episode, "The Same Boat," is probably a disappointment for Carol and Maggie fans. We are used to seeing them strong, independent and able to take whatever this new world throws at them.

But it also showed their condition realistically. Yes, we don't want them to be weak characters who cry when they have to kill someone, but those tears and emotions are what normal people would feel.

Having no emotion or remorse after ending another person's life is a characteristic the Saviors all share.

Speaking of the Saviors, two of them admitted to "being Negan" in this episode.

These Saviors must not have met Negan personally, and believe him to be a fictional representation of power and fear. Or they've been so brainwashed they truly believe they carry Negan's fear and sense of power wherever they go.

Rick's captive, Primo, said it best: "That's a whole world of fun we can talk about" right before Rick puts a bullet in his skull.

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