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'The Walking Dead,' season 6 episode 14: Welcome to stage two

Eugene makes some bold and cringeworthy moves on tonight's The Walking Dead.


Eugene makes some bold and cringeworthy moves on tonight's The Walking Dead.



Infiltrate the Saviors' compound. Check.

Rescue Maggie and Carol. Check.

Make sure the Saviors who took Maggie and Carol are dead. Check.

Make sure the Saviors are no longer a threat to Alexandria and the Hilltop by killing any remaining Saviors are dead, and kill their leader, Negan. Eh.

So close, but yet still so far from being safe.

Things are somewhat back to normal after Maggie and Carol's return.

People in Alexandria go back to their daily lives, but instead of working, going to school and spending time with family they're patrolling the fences, practicing their combat skills and restocking food and armory supplies.

Morgan is building a prison cell in his basement for whatever reason. He tells Rick "it'll gives us some choices next time." Why do we like this guy again?

Carol is back with her boo, Tobin, spending her days fiddling with her rosary and chain smoking cigarettes on a creaky porch swing.

Rosita has moved on from Abraham, and into Spencer's bed. But her attitude toward him says he's just something to warm her bed at night.

Daryl is happy to have his bike back, but laments not killing the people who took it from him. Still missing: his crossbow.

Days pass, Carol's ash tray fills up and her swing keeps on squeakin'.

Things stay peaceful for, like, 10 minutes on 'Twice as Far.'

Five people leave on separate supply runs, but only four make it back alive.

Abraham and Eugene check out an abandoned metal factory. Eugene believes he can use this place to manufacture bullets.

In a world where money means nothing, but food and weapons mean everything, bullets are "the coin of the land."

Before they leave, Eugene calls dibs on a walker who wandered into the main floor of the factory. Unfortunately, the walker has hardened metal over half its body so the whacks with a machete do absolutely nothing.

Abraham steps in, and Eugene is livid. He called dibs, and hates that Abraham still doubts his strength and ability to fend for himself.

Abraham tries to "put him in his place." He's the muscle and expert zombie killer. Eugene is the brains.

He said Eugene "would've had more luck picking up a turd by the clean end" than killing that walker. #blessyouabraham

Eugene coldly dismisses Abraham as a friend and bodyguard. "Your services are no longer required," he says.

Elsewhere, Denise is also struggling to get people to take her seriously. She convinces Daryl and Rosita to accompany her to check out a boutique and apothecary she passed on her way into Alexandria.

Neither of them thinks she's ready to go outside the walls. She hasn't been outside Alexandria since the outbreak began, let alone killed any walkers.

They take her anyway, though they don't enjoy it. Rosita is quiet and short when she does speak. Daryl gives Denise some serious side-eye when she questions his ability to drive a manual car since he keeps making the truck's engine grind.

Wait, Daryl Dixon can't drive stick? I don't believe it either.

None of them make it out of their bad moods even when they do find a smorgasbord of meds at the pharmacy inside the boutique.

Denise's is made worse when she finds a dessicated mama walker and the remains of said walker's son in the store's bathroom.

"We tried to tell you you weren't ready," Rosita says to her.

On the way back home, Denise chats about her twin brother, Dennis. Her alcoholic parents thought it would be funny to name their children Denise and Dennis.

Dennis was the strong one, the brave one. He was also the angry one. Kind of like Daryl's brother, Merle.

Denise spots a cooler inside a broken down car on the road home. She wants it, but she also wants to prove she can be brave too.

After a tense tussle, she wins the cooler from the walker inside. It contains the exact soda she wanted to give Tara. Of course, Rosita and Daryl are furious at for her risking her life like that. 

"You wanna live you, you take chances," she says. She tells them she chose them because they are brave and strong, and give her hope that she can be the same. She says being afraid in this world is stupid.

Her sentence is cut short by an arrow piercing her right eye.

Saviors run out of the woods, pointing guns and dragging Eugene along with them. The leader of this pack is Dwight, the one who took Daryl's bike and bow, who's just used to crossbow to kill Denise. Although the left side of his face is looking a bit ~melted.~

Shout out to all my fellow comic book-readers who know what that means.

In an act of sheer brilliance and stupidity, Eugene distracts the Saviors and sinks his teeth into Dwight's crotch. He doesn't let go.

The gunfight starts, the Saviors fall back and Eugene is grazed by a bullet when Dwight finally dislodges Eugene's mouth from his nether regions.

With a move like that, there's no way Abraham can be mad at him anymore or question his skill set any longer.

"You knew how to bite a d***, Eugene, and I mean that with the utmost respect," he says.

Damn, Abraham. Back at it again with the one-liners.

Later, Carol helps Daryl dig a grave for Denise. She writes a note for Tobin explaining why she's decided to leave Alexandria.

She says this place is too big, too protected, and has things other people want. The community may survive this next threat, but there will be more threats after them. It won't ever stop. She doesn't want to have to kill anyone anymore. She can't love anyone because she can't kill anymore.

Carol doesn't say she's heading for the Hilltop, but we are all hoping she doesn't choose a life on the road again.

There are only two episode left in season six of The Walking Dead. Negan could arrive at any moment. We can only hope nobody ends up like those polaroids Glenn saw on the Savior's wall.

At least Daryl got his crossbow back.

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