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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6, Episode 15: You'll be all right

Daryl goes looking for Dwight, but finds more than he bargained for on Sunday's The Walking Dead.


Daryl goes looking for Dwight, but finds more than he bargained for on Sunday's The Walking Dead.



Let's take a deep breath and address the last 30 seconds of "East" before getting to anything else that happened during this episode.

The Walking Dead just pulled another Glenn on us.

Daryl goes looking for Dwight after Denise's murder. He finds Dwight, but it's more like Dwight finds him. Daryl gets shot seconds after Dwight says "hi."

The episode ends at the exact moment Daryl's blood splatters the screen. I'm going to trust Dwight just this once when he utters "you'll be all right" when the screen goes black. IS IT DWIGHT TALKING OR IS IT DARYL? IDK.


Sincerely, a fan who refuses to believe Daryl sustained anything other than a minor flesh wound.

Moving on.

Now that everyone is booed up, it's time to break some hearts.

Carol left again. This time she left on her own accord, which is more infuriating than when Rick banished her from the prison.

Naturally, Rick and Morgan go after her while Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go after Daryl.

On the road, Carol's car gets shot up by a truck of Saviors passing by. They demand to know who she is, where she's from and where she's headed.
"A woman like you … no weapons … shouldn't be out here alone," One unsuspecting mansplainer says to her.

She's learned to play (or is she?) the sniveling, terrified woman very well. The men let their guards down for half a second and she shoots them with a gun hidden in her baggy coat.

Three survive, she takes out two and the other man hides until he sees Rick and Morgan come looking for her.

"I'm proud of her," Rick says upon seeing the bodies of the men she just killed. "She's a force of nature."

The two set off on her trail into the fields just off the road, following the blood she left behind. She must have been stabbed by the dark-haired Saviors before she shot him down.

What they don't know is one of the truck Saviors survived. Carol only got him in the arm, and now he's after Rick and Morgan, carrying her rosary.

At the end of the day, Morgan tells Rick to go back home and stop taking chances out there. Though Morgan and Carol have yet to see eye-to-eye on anything, he's determined to find her and bring her back home.

When Rick gets back to Alexandria, he and Abraham stand and stare out the gate, waiting for the rest of their "family" to come back.

Little do they know that Glenn, Michonne, Daryl and Rosita have all been captured by Dwight and the other Saviors.

Daryl left Alexandria because he felt immense guilt for what happened to Denise, thinking her death is his fault. Nothing haunts us like the killers we didn't kill.

Even with Glenn, Michonne and Rosita trying to convince him to come back home, Daryl is too stubborn to turn back now.

"It's going to go wrong out here," Glenn says. That should be the catchphrase for the entire series.

If Carol's disappearance and Daryl's shooting weren't enough stress for one episode, Maggie may or may not be having a miscarriage.

After finally cracking Enid's shell, Maggie asks her to cut her hair. Not just a trim, like, it's all gone. Take that, Internet people who thought Maggie was going to die because Lauren Cohen cut off all her hair.

Seconds after seeing her new do in the mirror, Maggie keels over in immense pain. Enid panics while Maggie falls on the floor, clutching her lower stomach and screaming in pain.

I feel similar pain after watching this episode.


• Morgan confessed the Wolf situation, how he saved him and glossing over the danger he put the community in. He claims that by saving the Wolf, the Wolf saved Denise and Denise was around to save Carl after he got shot. Rick may not be seeing through your BS, Morgan, but we are. But thanks for going after Carol, keep doing that.

• Mystery solved: Michonne really did take Morgan's peanut butter protein bar.

• Anyone else thrown off by how casual Rick and Michonne look eating an apple in bed?

• So about that guy Rick and Morgan find who claims he's looking for a horse he lost — don't forget him. You know, the one fighting off walkers in the barn then running away before we can see much besides the armor he's wearing. Rick finds his Hilltop-made spear the guy left behind and thinks he's from the Hilltop or is one of the Saviors. He's not. Just trust me on this.

• When Carl pockets a gun from the armory in Alexandria, he spots a carving on the grip, but probably doesn't think much of it. The carving is of a baseball bat wrapped with thin lines. If this isn't the scariest tease for Negan I don't know what is.

The season finale of Season 6 is at 9 p.m. Sunday, April 3, on AMC. May the odds be ever in Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita's favor.

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