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'The Walking Dead,' season 6 episode 3: If you're reading this, I didn't make it

Second chances don't bode well in a world ruled by the dead.


Second chances don't bode well in a world ruled by the dead.



There aren't enough tissues to sop up my tears after "Thank You"s tragic ending.

Last week on The Walking Dead, we discovered the source of the blaring horn that drew away half of the massive herd of walkers. While the Wolves wreaked havoc on Alexandria, Rick and his group had to act fast to get the walkers back on the road away from home.

But Rick has a plan -- Glenn and Michonne will lead the rest back to Alexandria while he runs to the barrier wall and RV in the hopes of getting the walkers back following Daryl and Sasha.

We know in a world ruled by the dead, things don't always goes smoothly-- or cleanly.

If something's in front of you, you kill it.

As Rick's group makes its way to the source of the sound, the wandering walkers show up. The Alexandrians quickly set aside their fear to take them all out, but couldn't avoid losing a few. One runs off like a coward, one gets half eaten, a couple are wounded and another gets a shallow bite in the shoulder. He knows what the bite means, but keeps on trucking to help the rest of the group.

The man who ran off, Sturgess (of course his name is Sturgess), is found with walkers submerged in his chest cavity ripping his insides out. Let's be real, anyone wearing a ridiculous floppy hat wasn't going to last long.

Michonne, Glenn, Heath, Nick, Scott and David make it to a small town where Nick and his crew had previously raided for supplies. Nick, the show's biggest ruiner of everything, keeps having minor breakdowns over massive feelings of guilt. This was a place where his cowardice and selfishness led him to leave behind his group to die.

They're too few of them, and some are injured. They don't have the means to take on the zombie herd that's a mere half hour away. Nick and Glenn plan to set fire to a feed store to distract the walkers from the rest of the group huddled inside an abandoned feed store.

Again Nick, absolute worst person ever, conveniently forgot the feed store is no longer standing. The walkers are closing in fast and Glenn and Nick are trapped between walkers and a hard place. Nick has his final unnecessary breakdown while they're both on top of a dumpster surrounded by hundreds of hungry mouths. While Glenn screams at him to pay attention, Nick mutters "thank you" before he shoots himself in the head.

At this point I had a half second of relief that Nick is finally gone. Until I watched Glenn fall with him into the snarling pit of walkers, watching in horror as walkers rip Glenn to shreds. My heart is breaking again just writing this. I can only imagine the tears when we have to watch someone deliver the news to Maggie.

Have you ever done things that made you afraid of yourself afterward?

The survivors of the onslaught in town -- Michonne, Heath and a wounded Scott -- make it back to Alexandria. Annie sacrificed herself to save the others and the same goes for David, Betsy's husband. He wrote a short, sad goodbye note to Betsy, but lost it when the walkers took him down.

When they were at the pet store, Michonne and Heath get into a little spat. Because of the recent deaths and general state of things going wrong, Heath is doubting Rick's plans to keep them all safe. Michonne quickly puts him in his place by telling him he "has no idea" what it's like to survive outside the walls. He's never had to watch his friends die, kill his friends to prevent their return or be covered in so much blood that you don't know who it belongs to.

Glenn's last words to Rick end up being "good luck, dumbass" over a walkie. While Michonne's group is dropping like flies, Rick is running to get back to the barrier wall and the RV. He makes it to the RV with a substantial cut on his hand from losing the blade of his knife in a walker skull. He tries desperately to get a hold of Glenn again, but no luck. But thank all of the stars in the sky that Daryl responds. He's still cruising the countryside debating the best way to contribute to the situation.

Rick is attacked by two wolves, quickly takes them out and even more quickly takes out the group trying to sneak up on him. But he finds a dirty jar of baby food in one of the wolves' pockets. He knows they're the ones causing the noise from home -- and Judith could be in danger.

The last thing we see is a sky shot of the half of the wandering walkers approaching Rick in the RV, and Rick desperately trying to start the vehicle.

I need to get home

I doubt anyone was prepared to lose Glenn so early in the season, but the episode was dotted with clues to his demise.

He mentioned a few times throughout their trip that he "really needs to get home," to Maggie, who may or may not be pregnant with his child (Just a fan theory). His private moment taking out Hershel's watch was also a subtle sign that the end is near.

Glenn's death is heartbreaking and, at least to me, completely out of left field. Some fans are even debating the reality of his death since it appeared Nick fell on top of Glenn as they landed in the walker pit. Even if Nick did fall on Glenn, and the guts being pulled out weren't Glenn's, there's no way the hundreds of walkers would be satiated by just one body. My theories: he made it out alive, but badly bitten OR he didn't make it and becomes a walker.

At least we didn't have to see him bludgeoned to death by Negan while Maggie looks on like the comics would have.

His willingness to see past other's flaws and give second chances ultimately led to his downfall. Nick screwed up one too many times, but Glenn wouldn't let him die for his mistakes.

His trust in Nick's abilities to make a comeback led them both to the top of that dumpster and to Nick killing himself, taking Glenn down with him. It goes to show that second chances don't go over so well in a world ruled by the dead.

Don't ever say The Walking Dead is boring. And don't ever get too attached to characters.

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