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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6, Episode 5: The walkers on the wall

Michonne breaks the news about Glenn to Maggie --- he got stuck, and nobody knows what happened to him or Nicolas.


Michonne breaks the news about Glenn to Maggie --- he got stuck, and nobody knows what happened to him or Nicolas.



When Rick and the gang first arrived in Alexandria, they weren't exactly greeted with open arms. Deanna and those closer to her accepted them into the community, but not without reservations. Others in Alexandria, the ones who've never had to survive outside the walls, saw them as crazy and capable of unspeakable violence.

They all scorned Rick and his insane, violent outbursts before, but now they'll have to put all their trust and their lives in his hands. The wall has been breached — by both walkers and Wolves — and Rick is the one to guide them to safety.

The wall's gonna hold together — can you?

"Now" starts off with Deanna surveying the damage from the Del Arno food truck. She hears Rick yelling "OPEN THE GATE" with a herd of walkers trailing behind me. He makes it inside just in time, but not before half the herd of quarry walkers slam against Alexandria's walls.

The survivors inside are now more than trapped. They just had a chunk of their population wiped out by the Wolves, and now there are hundreds of walkers pounding against the walls. Most of them have barely seen more than one walker at a time, let alone a herd 20 deep on all sides. Even with hasty reinforcements on the damaged parts of the wall, everyone is terrified.

Aaron quickly takes blame for the Wolves attack, making sure nobody has reason to blame Rick for their deaths or the herd of walkers at the door. When Aaron and Daryl were out scavenging for supplies and new people, they fell into a Wolf trap and Aaron's back of supplies got left behind. The pack held pictures and clues to where the community lies.

Side note: Wasn't Rick surround by hundreds of those walkers in the RV? "He's Rick Grimes" is probably the only explanation we need for his escape. And who told him about the Wolves' attack? Must have been Carol, who was mysteriously absent this whole episode.

Rick tries to keep the remaining people calm and prepared for what comes next, but they continue to look to Deanna for guidance. Deanna, however, is still too broken over the death of Reg and the downfall of her home. She walks away speechless.

Deanna only has one son left — Spencer — and he isn't being too cozy with her. After a confrontation with some of the Alexandrians at the food pantry, Deanna finds Spencer drunk in her kitchen and snacking on some goods he took from the pantry. She starts scolding him for taking food when he told the others not to, but Spencer fires back by blaming his father's death and the downfall of Alexandria on Deanna. He shuts down her farflung dreams for the community. "You're the reason we are so screwed," he says. "We were never safe here."

Later, when Deanna tries to take Spencer's stolen goods back to the pantry, she's attacked by a walker -- one of the Wolves Carol killed. Despite the training and constant safety speeches, Deanna just keeps stabbing the walker in the chest with a broken bottle. In comes Rick Grimes to the rescue, leaving Deanna a shaky, bloody mess.

"I wanna leave," she says. She tells Rick the people of Alexandria don't need her anymore; they need him. The episode ends with Deanna as well, smacking and provoking the walkers outside the walls. She might be too far gone.

In our memory

What we have all been waiting for: any news about Glenn. Unfortunately we know more about his fate than the rest of Alexandria, including Michonne and Maggie. Michonne breaks some kind of news to Maggie — Glenn was left behind, but nobody knows what happened to him. Maggie doesn't seem too upset yet, so that must mean she has hope and plans to find him.

Maggie reluctantly makes plans to find Glenn with Aaron joining her. He shows her a safer way out of Alexandria — under the walls and hopefully past the walkers. Of course, this being The Walking Dead we know and love, things don't go smoothly. In the sewers, Aaron gets a knock to the head from a broken ladder, then they both get attacked by two disgusting, sewage-soaked walkers.

They reach the end of the line, but are still too close to the herd that surrounds the walls. It's too unsafe to go any further, and that's when Maggie's emotions finally get to her. She knows there's a good possibility Glenn is dead, trapped, hurt or worse. She just wants to see his face again -- dead or alive. Oh, and she's pregnant. But we all saw that coming.

"I burned his last picture; I said I was never going to be away from him again," Maggie says. "I just wanna see his face again."

This is what life looks like now

Deanna is losing her mind, but Jessie is adjusting fairly well. Except for ruining her favorite plaid shirt with blood. She spends most of the episode cleaning up the dead body in her kitchen, trying to coax her youngest son downstairs with cookies and giving thoughtful speeches.

When she finds a fellow neighbor has slit her own wrists and turned into a walker, Jessie just looks disappointed when she takes the woman out with a gentle knife in the eye. She turns around to find a small crowd watching her and gives her first speech of the evening. Jessie is quickly becoming the female version of Rick Grimes.

Jessie and Rick later meet at in her garage as she tries in vain to get the blood stains off her plaid shirt. They both try to out-speech each other, but just end up making out.

In other news ...

-- Carl knows Enid escaped over the wall when the Wolves attacked, and now he wants to go find her. Enid's boyfriend, Ron, is moodier than ever without his beanie and threatens to tell Rick of Carl's plan.

-- Ron has a change of heart (or does he?) and asks Rick to teach him how to shoot. I have a bad feeling Ron doesn't want to use the gun to just take out walkers and defend his family.

-- Tara and Dr. Denise are really hitting it off. Denise continues to struggle with fear and inexperience, but Tara is there with pep talks. They were seen smooching shortly after Denise figured out how to save a dying man's life.

-- Since the Wolves attack, the Alexandrians have made an in memoriam section of the wall dedicated to those they've lost. The list is pretty extensive, with the last two names being Nicolas and Glenn. Maggie and Aaron haven't lost hope for Glenn and Nicolas yet. While they scrub the two names from the wall, Aaron gives Maggie some baby name ideas -- Aaron or Erin, depending on if it's a boy or a girl.

-- The Oscar for the episode's best speech goes to ... Jessie. All she did this episode was give Tweet-worthy quotes.

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