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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6 Episode 6: We earned what we took

After successfully leading half the herd of quarry walkers away, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham find getting back to Alexandria much more difficult.


After successfully leading half the herd of quarry walkers away, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham find getting back to Alexandria much more difficult.



Daryl, Sasha and Abraham successfully led the remaining half of the quarry walkers away from Alexandria, but getting back home is much harder than expected.

They hit a snag when an unidentified group starts shooting at them as if waiting to ambush. They take out a few in defense, but Daryl wrecks his bike then rides off into the woods to get away from a black SUV tailing him.

While Abraham and Sasha take care of the remaining shooters, Daryl runs out of steam finding himself in the middle of a scorched forest next to a charred, helmeted walker.

Keep going … stay cheerful

Abraham thinks Daryl is halfway back to Alexandria by now, but Sasha knows he wouldn't abandon them.

They keep close to the area where they were attacked, finding refuge in an abandoned insurance office.

Sasha thinks the group that shot at them was waiting for someone. Why else would they just sit in a random area and shoot at the first people who drive by? She starts questioning their motives and Abraham's cheerfulness. He's been a little too smiley and eager for bloodshed.

Sasha doesn't want to leave breadcrumbs for dangerous people to find them, but writes DIXON across the door of the insurance office.

The two hole up in the office for a few hours, grabbing any supplies they find and watching a walker bang against the glass of a locked meeting room. Abraham wants to name him, but Sasha is having none of it.

When he ventures to the roof to pass the time, he finds an abandoned military vehicle, a case of RPGs and an almost pristine box of fat cigars. The only problem: the launcher is still strapped to the undead guy hanging from the roof impaled on a pole.

After his heart-to-heart with Sasha, Abraham tries the new approach of not just killing for fun. She basically told him she's been uncomfortable with his positivity about killing. There shouldn't be much joy in sticking a knife in another (undead or alive) person's skull.

Fortunately for Abraham, the impaled walker slips off the pole, making a satisfying splat on the pavement. The launcher is left hanging from the bloody pole.

Abraham tries to show off his new wares to Sasha, including a full military dress uniform, but she's not impressed. He isn't necessarily being reckless, just annoying. He even starts to think Sasha has a thing for him. Sorry, Abraham, she isn't interested in your red fu manchu mustache.

We're done kneeling

Daryl is not having a good day. Not only was he separated from Sasha and Abraham and run off the road by shooters, he has a huge gash down his left arm from tumbling from his bike.

Everywhere he looks in the forest around him, every last thing is burnt to a black, almost gooey crisp. It's like the trees melted.

He finds two young women, filthy and in tattered clothes. But before he can even get a word out to them, their male companion whacks him over the head.

Daryl goes in and out of consciousness through the night, watching the three people chat around a fire and stow away his crossbow in their duffel bag. He wakes up to the man, Dwight, yelling at him to get up while pointing a gun in his face.

They think he's "one of them;" part of a larger group of people these three just came from. Throughout the episode, we hear snippets about the nature of this other group — kneeling, trading goods for safety, earning what you take.

His new companions explain they're the cause of the forest fire. The forest use to be overrun with the undead and they thought that's what people were doing around the world — fighting them. "So we would all win together," Dwight says.

The three spend much of the episode deciding whether to trust each other. One minute they're working together to escape the shooter group when it comes back, the next minute Dwight steals Daryl's bike and crossbow and leaves him to fend for himself.

We don't get to see or hear much about the three people Daryl tags along with for this episode. The youngest, Tina, is killed by two walkers inside a burned-out greenhouse. Honestly, I'm surprised she's lasted this long. Though I'm curious as to what the three had to trade or do to earn the cooler of insulin for her.

People are the same as before … more or less

From the very beginning of this series, Daryl has been that tough cookies character who's hard to crack. He's the token survivalist, the one who came into this with nothing to lose and is tough enough to survive the long hall.

You could save Daryl is more sensitive now. At the very least he's showing his morality. These three tied him up, knocked him out for a few hours and threatened to kill him. But he leads them to safety and even offers them a place in Alexandria.

In the end they chose the life they've known since the outbreak began: stealing and surviving. As they drive away on his bike with his crossbow, the woman with Dwight says they're sorry. "You gonna be," Daryl replies.

But in typical Daryl style he finds a truck hidden amongst some tree branches, finds Sasha and Abraham at the insurance office and the three ride off into the sunset.

Until Daryl tries to radio Rick, only getting static then a lone voice calling "help."

So many questions, so little time to answer them

Is Glenn dead? Was that him calling for help over the walkie? (Probably not) Who are these three people and why should I care about them? Are they part of the Hilltop Colony? Will Daryl get his crossbow back? Is this new group the Saviors? Will Abraham ever shave his fu manchu? Is this episode just another way AMC is setting up our favorite, beloved characters to die gruesome deaths? (Probably)


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