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'The Walking Dead,' season 6 episode 7: The world is trying to die

Morgan will soon learn not to cross Carol Peletier.


Morgan will soon learn not to cross Carol Peletier.



Oh, Walking Dead.

One minute you're shattering our hearts into a million pieces, and the next you're dangling nuggets of hope for us to spend every waking moment analyzing.

Three weeks later, we get the truth.

I think I share the feeling of pure joy with other fans after seeing the first five minutes of ‘Heads Up.'

It flashes back to that heartbreaking episode, ‘Thank You,' which saw the end of Nicholas and Glenn.

Daily theories had us divided: Yes, he's definitely dead or No way, Glenn is still alive.

I'm glad I was wrong in my assumptions.

We hear Nicholas's suicidal shot and see him and Glenn fall together. But then we see that Nicholas actually fell on top of Glenn. The blood and guts the walkers were munching on were from Nicholas. Glenn didn't die, he didn't get bitten or injured. He crawled underneath the dumpster to escape the walkers.

And The Walking Dead fandom cries tears of joy while letting out collective sighs of relief.

Glenn is alive. For now.


Unfortunately, Glenn had to spend a night or two trapped beneath the dirty dumpster to wait out the huge crowd of walkers hanging around.

He also had to stare at Nicholas's mutilated corpse for a while, which probably wasn't pleasant.

When he finally emerges, he's parched. Enid, of all people, comes to his aid, tossing a bottle of water at him before fleeing.

Glenn goes after her, pressing her for more information about what happened at Alexandria. What was that horn? Did the walkers get inside? Is Maggie okay?

In typical sullen teenager fashion, Enid refuses to answer him. She may be psychologically damaged and just wants to be left alone, but she sure is annoying.

He goes on trying to find her and get her to come back home with him. He's trying to save her for Maggie; she wouldn't leave Enid behind.

On the road home, they find the green marker balloon set out to help lead the quarry walkers away. They even find the leftover helium tank and extra balloons. Neither of them have any idea of the size of the group of walkers that broke off, so they think they can use the balloons as a distraction to draw the walkers away from the walls of Alexandria.

It was a great plan, until they see the huge swarm of undead bodies clinging to the outer walls. Enid basically says "I'm out" but Glenn gets her to come back. After a few heart-to-heart chats, Glenn is finally breaking a little of Enid's shell.

He tells her she's just like everyone else. Everyone has been through some form of hell, they've all been scarred and carry more pain than humanly possible. But they survive because they stick together.

Glenn is no longer bringing Enid home because Maggie would want him to; he's doing it because he genuinely cares for her. He sees her true potential.

Please don't let her be another Nicholas.

Oh, and some other things happened ...

Rick, Morgan, Michonne and Carol - The three of them confront Morgan about his inability to kill the Wolves who infiltrated Alexandria. Morgan admits he let some of them go, and Carol is just floored. Those people slaughtered a good chunk of the community for no reason. But Morgan and his precious aikido are like "all life is precious." I think I speak for everyone when I say Morgan is getting on my last nerve.

When Morgan seeks the help of Denise to get some medicine for the Wolf in his den (see what I did there?), Carol follows them. We don't see what she finds, but we can safely assume she takes care of business.

Rick, Carl and Ron - In second place for most annoying teenager on the show is Ron, Jessie's son. He's traded in his beanie for a gun, and that's definitely not a good idea. He's been coming across all innocent by asking Rick for shooting lessons. After just one lesson, Rick lets him carry around an empty gun to get use to having it on him. Later, Ron breaks into the armory, grabs a handful of bullets then trails Carl down the street ready to shoot him.

What a little psycho.

Rick, Tara and Spencer - Spencer, always the bright one, pulls a dangerous stunt when he tries to tightrope his way over the wall to get to a car. He barely makes it back inside the walls in one piece after his rope breaks and he falls in the crowd of walkers. Rick is obviously furious at him and at Tara, who risked her life shooting at the walkers trying to get at Spencer.

Deanna, strangely chipper this whole episode, just goes, "at least he tried."

Rosita and Eugene - Rosita teaches "knife-wielding 101" for the people of Alexandria ... and scaredy-cat Eugene. Rosita has had enough of Eugene's cowardice. If he doesn't buck up he's going to get killed. He admits he's afraid of dying, but Rosita argues living is scarier.

"Dying is simple," she says. "The people around you die; that's the hard part. You keep living knowing they're gone and you're still here."

About the walls - Rick put a lot of confidence in Alexandria's walls. They're extremely sturdy, well-built and he even installed some reinforcements because of the weight of the walkers on the other side. What he didn't account for was the damage to the already-burnt tower near where the Del Arno food truck hit the wall. Throughout the episode, we saw bits and pieces of the tower fall down. But the episode ends with the tower completely collapsing, taking down a chunk of the fence with it.

This all happens just as Maggie spots the green balloons in the sky, running and yelling "THAT'S GLENN."

Line of the night

"The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing." - Carol, who immediately looked like she regretted those words she said to Sam.

Next Sunday's episode is the mid-season finale. The Walking Dead returns in 2016 for the second half of season six.

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