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The Water Cooler: Netflix plans 'Gilmore Girls' revival; Trump gets a coloring book

'Gilmore Girls' is getting a Netflix Revival, and all we have to say is YAAASSSS!

ABC Family

'Gilmore Girls' is getting a Netflix Revival, and all we have to say is YAAASSSS!



For the Gilmore Girls fans:

Gilmore Girls is reportedly getting a Netflix revival. This is not a drill, people. Word is that negotiations to revive the beloved (and binge-able) series are on the table, which isn't a total shocker considering the fan following. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino would return for the four, 90-minute mini-movies, which will star original Gilmore girls Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. The show ran for seven seasons, six of which were run under Sherman-Palladino before she left following a contract dispute. In several interviews, Sherman-Palladino said she knew what the final four words to the series would have been. Gah! The suspense. Head to your work's water cooler and talk fan theories and final four words. Team Jess forever!

Here are some possible last words:

"More coffee, please. Now."

"Pay what tab, Luke?"

"Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee."

"I'll see you later."

"Friday night dinners, why!?"

"Congrats, it's a boy."



Most Twitter hashtags are irrelevant in a matter of hours, but this trending topic from Monday could easily stay in your back pocket for water cooler talk whenever you need it. Here are some of the best posts about what people have neglected to mention during the interview process:

"#MyResumeDoesntMention the things I'll do for a Klondike Bar"

"#MyResumeDoesntMention my Fantasy league championships. Oh wait, it absolutely does."

"#MyResumeDoesntMention that I have a PhD in bad puns.

"#MyResumeDoesntMention my 25 years of Dungeons & Dragons experience. I put that information on the cover letter."

Come up with your own funny resume omissions. And don't get fired.

Color Donald Trump's face:

You can make coloring great again. The Trump Coloring Book, illustrated by M.G. Anthony, goes on sale Dec. 15 and it's everything you could hope for in an adult coloring book. Sneak peeks of some of the pages went up online, and you won't be disappointed. You have Trump posing as Superman, Trump as Rosie the Riveter, Trump shaking hands with an alien and my personal favorite, Trump in Saturday Night Fever. My Mom's birthday is Dec. 15. We all know what she's getting.





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