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The Water Cooler: Contouring is out; also some 'Gilmore Girls' news

Just check out those dewy cheeks.

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Just check out those dewy cheeks.



Slangsplainer: Strobing

Sorry Kardashian sisters, contouring is out. Strobing, something that Jennifer Lopez has been doing for years, is in. And no, it's not some weird, rave dance move. Strobing is the new beauty technique that calls for lots of highlighter for a light-catching, round look. So why look sculpted from contouring when you could look dewy?  Get a full breakdown of the look from Deal Diva Stephanie Hayes here.  And when you're done with that, head to the water cooler and talk about the makeup trends you tried, and wish you hadn't. RIP too much bronzer.

Gilmore Girls news

We freaked out over the announcement of a Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, and now we have more information on the four, mini-movies to come. The series will take place over a full calendar year, which means each 90-minutes will be in a different season. But in my mind, Stars Hallow was perpetually in fall. It was a small town trapped in a world with hot coffee, double breasted jackets and fall festivals. Even the summer episodes (which apparently there were some) felt like fall. Lorelai's collection of striped turtleneck sweaters and puffy vests?! The skinny, useless scarves with matching beanies?! I only get them in one episode?

Someone bought a cracker for $23,000

Yes, you read that correctly. A Greek collector is now the proud owner of a cracker that was on a Titanic lifeboat. The toast-sized Spillers & Bakers Pilot Biscuit was taken as a souvenir and kept in an envelope for 103 years to stale. Dubbed "the world's most expensive biscuit," the final auction bid was for $23,000. A CRACKER. What could you buy with $23,000? Talk about it at the water cooler.



[Last modified: Thursday, November 12, 2015 4:06pm]


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