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The Water Cooler: Get ready for new emojis; also hair tattoos are unfortunately here

Download the update for a bunch of new emojis. The burrito is a game changer.

Tampa Bay Times

Download the update for a bunch of new emojis. The burrito is a game changer.



*Praise hands emoji*

Where words fail, let emojis do the talking. Shout-out to my friend Scott who managed to ask a girl out in emojis alone! And now we have some good news, you can get some new emojis, including the game changer burrito, now. Head to your phone's settings and upgrade to iOS 9.1. Some of my favorite additions are the unicorn and hot dog. What other emojis do you need in your life? Head to the water cooler and suggest some end of the work week emoji essentials. We're still waiting on a water cooler emoji.

Tattoo your ... hair

Metallic temporary tattoos were all the rage this summer, and now you can get the look in your locks. All I have to say is ... why? Who needs temp tattoos in their hair? Wear a freakin' headband, people. Anyways, you put the strips in your hair and just dab on some water. What will they think of next? Check out the look here.

Pick up today's USA Today

October 21 is the day Marty McFly arrived in the future (the Internet sure didn't let us forget it) but the newspaper Marty and Doc Brown monitor is marked with today's date. To celebrate, USA Today is releasing a special cover wrap with the headlines from the movie. What was your favorite future gadget? Twitter isn't done talking about it, so no harm in bringing it up at the water cooler.


[Last modified: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 5:35pm]


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