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The Water Cooler: 'Netflix and chill' explained; also bad Halloween costume ideas

Beware of the "Netflix and chill" invitation.

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Beware of the "Netflix and chill" invitation.



Slangsplainer: 'Netflix and chill'

I was hanging out with my mom a while back when I got the ominous "Netflix and chill?" text. I rolled my eyes and told my mom. She just said "have fun!" Parents, Netflix and chill does not actually mean watch Netflix and chill, but is Internet slang for inviting someone over for, well, a hook-up. Netflix may be used as a conversation starter or background noise, which leads into *cough* other activities.

The thing is, "Lets watch 20 minutes of Parks and Recreation then hop in the sheets" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Here are some historical equivalents:

  • Go like a herd of turtles
  • Take a turn among the cabbages
  • Grind someone's coffee
  • Hit the hay

The dress is back

Remember the dress that couldn't decide if it was white or blue? You know, the dress people couldn't get over, and debated for weeks. Well it's finally come full circle from being an overplayed Internet meme to a soon-to-be overplayed Halloween costume. You can reignite the fury that is "the dress" this year for a measly $46.95. The costume features a split blue/black and gold/white design that's "sure to make you the talk of the party." This costume got us talking about other unnecessary "sexy" costumes that are flooding the web. Here are costumes you are free to mock at the water cooler:

  • "Sexy" pizza
  • "Sexy" piece of corn
  • "Sexy" Mrs. Potato Head
  • "Sexy" Netflix and Chill (see above)
  • wait for it ... "Sexy" Donald Trump

Speaking of sexy 

Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke, also known at the Mother of Dragons, has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire. That's right, out of all of the women on the planet, Emilia Clark is by far the sexiest. And we won't disagree with the experts, who I'm sure have tirelessly searched for the winner since 2014's Penelope Cruz, but some people aren't having it. Maybe it's because the true winner isn't Emilia, but her character, Khaleesi, who embodies all that is scary and sexy. Stop by your work's water cooler and throw out your own suggestions for who should have won.

No more nudes

Playboy is ditching its nude photos. Yes, you read that right.  Wow your coworkers with these factoids.

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