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The Water Cooler: People with standing desks can just chill — but septum piercings are having a moment

Sitting is not the enemy. But we do need to move around more at work.


Sitting is not the enemy. But we do need to move around more at work.



We get it, you stand at your desk

People with standing desks, I know your type. You literally look down on the rest of us. Well pull up a chair, because researchers are saying sitting isn't the enemy. The emphasis on just standing more might be misguided, so you can stop feeling self-righteous about your standing desk. The authors from the University of Exeter are saying we all just need to move more, and stationary posture may be bad for your health, be it sitting or standing. Really, we all need treadmill desks. Be sure to drop that knowledge.

Septum piercings are having a moment

Septum piercings (face jewelry between the nostrils) is everywhere these days. Rihanna showed off hers on the cover of W. Azealia Banks wore one in her Chasing Time music video. Lady Gaga is also sporting the look. Ahhh, trends. Before everyone wanted a stud, then everyone wanted a nose hoop and now the punky bull-like piercing has assimilated into pop culture. Even Claire's is stocking the shelves with real and faux decorative nose jewelry. FYI parents, a septum piercing can be tucked up and hidden inside the nose. Lets take a moment to remember past piercing trends. R.I.P eyebrow hoops, "snake bites" and dimple studs.

Adam Levine could crash your wedding

Creating the music video for Sugar gave Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine an idea. If you haven't seen the video, it's basically Adam Levine and the band crashing a bunch of weddings. Now Levine is teaming up with director David Dobkin (who fittingly directed Wedding Crashers) to make a pilot for NBC. The plan is to feature "unsuspecting superfans" getting surprised by stars during milestone events like weddings or bachelorette parties. But maybe he'll make an exception for your next office party. I don't have a Facebook life event coming up, but Levine is welcome to surprise me any time.

OITNB could have been way different

Ryan Murphy almost made Orange Is the New Black. That's right, the man behind Glee, Scream Queens and American Horror Story had the rights to Piper Kerman's book about her stay in a women's prison, but he didn't manage to get it on screen. Talk about a missed opportunity. We're imagining Murphy's version would have been a Mean Girls of prison. Just think about how dramatically different the show would have been. Stop by your work's water cooler and discuss who Murphy would have cast as your favorite inmate. Lea Michele as Alex Vause, maybe?

[Last modified: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 5:42pm]


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