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The Water Cooler: TBS goes binge-crazy; Ben Carson releases a rap track

We love Rashida Jones...but not 25 hours worth of her.

Assosiated Press

We love Rashida Jones...but not 25 hours worth of her.



Netflix wannabe
You know how every Christmas, TBS plays a full 24 hours of A Christmas Story, and by the sixth hour you're usually over it? Well TBS apparently thinks overkill works for them, and are planning an unusual binge-crazy unveiling of the Rashida Jones police satire Angie Tribeca. All 10 episodes of the new show will air commercial free five times. Good thing Rashida Jones is prettier than Ralphie, because you'll get to look at her face for a whopping 25 hours. The marathon begins Jan. 17 and ends Jan 18. at 10 p.m. And you won't have to wait too long for "Season 2." A week after the marathon, TBS will air one episode at a time on Mondays. We get that viewers love the binge element with Netflix, but five consecutive airings of the season?!

Ben Carson releases rap track

How do you come off hip and engage young voters? Why, you release a rap track. Duh. Ben Carson, presidential hopeful, released what could only be compared to as the worst McDonald's jingle of all time, attempting to rhyme Carson with "awesome." The rap, so dated, is a minute-long, painful radio ad by Christian rapper Aspiring Mogul, which will air for two weeks. Needless to say, Twitter was not having it.

BFF goals

The internet exploded when word broke that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer were writing a screenplay together. And now we finally have some plot points to look forward to from the comedic collaboration. Lawrence will be stepping away from her Hunger Games role to play the screw up, and Trainwreck star Schumer will be the serious sister trying to become a flight attendant. But the most interesting part of the movie? No boys allowed. As of right now, their script is only populated with females. Heck yes! Head to the water cooler and throw out some celebrity couple names for the two BFFs.

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