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'The X-Files,' Season 10, Episode 2: Alien hybrids, ringing sounds and baby snatchers — oh my!

Mulder and Scully are back to investigating in "Founder's Mutation."


Mulder and Scully are back to investigating in "Founder's Mutation."



If you had any doubt The X-Files was back after the premiere, Chris Carter presented you last night with an episode full of theories and baby-snatching and Mulder and Scully banter but very short of answers.

It all starts with this Indian guy with some I-have-not-slept-in-days hair who walks into work at a place called Nugenics, which we know is super top-secret just because the guy has to get a retina scan — which he passes despite having some very bloody eyeballs. He chats with Lucas from Continuum (Omari Newton, the first of many faces familiar to anyone who watches Canadian-filmed sci-fi) and then goes into a meeting as he's hearing this annoying ringing that we unfortunately have to hear too and there are a bunch of crows outside the window.

If it sounds like "Drive" (the one with Bryan Cranston hearing ringing), it is and isn't. Dr. Sanjay goes full cray in the middle of the meeting, runs out, locks himself in a room full of servers, taps at a computer and THEN STABS HIMSELF IN THE HEAD WITH A LETTER OPENER!

This was the first of many scenes in this particularly disgusting episode where I had to avert my eyes because GROSS WHY GOD WHY.

So I really only have Scully's autopsy to rely on for the knowledge that the guy actually stabbed himself in the head with a letter opener. Oh, yeah, Scully is doing autopsies again! Because somewhere between Sunday night and Monday night, Mulder and Scully went back to the FBI and got the X-Files reopened so they can take over cases like this one from a Cylon (Battlestar Galactica's Chief, Aaron Douglas). Mulder is wearing a suit and shaved his face, so he can work for the government he's been railing against since it wrongly convicted him in 2002. Because reasons.

On the dead guy's phone, Mulder finds lots of calls to "Gupta," and Scully throws out that "Dr. Sanjay is from Western India. 'Gupta' is a Marathi word meaning secret." Because, you know, it's not also one of the most common Indian surnames ever. Mulder asks how she knows that, and she replies ...

It's not just a line; it actually makes sense in context if you squint. (No, not really.)

Anyway, this Gupta is, however, a secret — as in Dr. Sanjay's secret gay lover who, uh, tries to sex up Mulder. Ultimately, he sends Mulder and Scully to Dr. Sanjay's secret other house, where they find pictures of deformed kids and Mulder starts to hear the ringing, which may have something to do with the half-alien janitor kid they almost hit with their car one scene ago. Maybe.

The dynamic duo are even reporting to Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) again because he has apparently gotten zero promotions since 1993. Just maybe it's because when a secretive DoD guy (Ryan Robbins, also of Continuum and Arrow) takes some "classified" files away from Mulder (who cites Edward Snowden) and Scully, the Skin Man's response is, "I trust you made copies."

They did and — after a side stop at Scully's old hospital, where Mulder invokes Obamacare, a nun says "desire is the devil's pitchfork" and a homeless pregnant woman asks for help getting out — are off to meet a research doctor named Augustus Goldman, who is trying to cure children's genetic deformities by locking them up in separate glass cells. One of them may be throwing a telekinetic fit. Mulder coolly posits that these must be human-alien hybrid experiment children. Scully accuses the guy of using alien DNA for experiments, and he says, "I was told you were the rational one."

Cue flashbacks to William, the son that Mulder says in the opening spiel belongs to him and Scully but about whose origins there have always been questions. Mulder and Scully both imagine William, who is 15 now wherever he is, as a normal boy. Until Scully imagines him getting alien eyes and asking, "What's happening to me?" and Mulder imagines him being stolen away like his sister.

Are there any new answers on where or what William is? Nah, 'course not, that'd be silly. Mulder and Scully just miss him.

Then the pregnant woman from before gets hit by a car and her baby surgically removed as she's left to die. No one but M&S seems to notice her bloody abdomen or care about the baby. Then Mulder and Scully go to talk to Dr. Goldman's wife, who's in a mental institution because she supposedly killed her own baby 20 years ago. What Mrs. Goldman tells them actually happened is that she found out her 2-year-old could breathe underwater when she was pregnant with baby No. 2, a boy, and that she figured out just what her husband was up to (whether that's human or alien experimenting, she doesn't say). She ran away, wrecked her car, crawls out onto the highway and "let it out" — THE BABY. SHE CUT THE BABY OUT WITH A KITCHEN KNIFE. DID HER OWN C-SECTION RIGHT THERE ON THE ROAD.

And the crazy baby crawled right up out of there as she passed out.

Now, Mulder and Scully finally see the janitor kid from Dr. Sanjay's company looking weird on the surveillance cams and go find him. Mulder is attacked by the ringing again, and the yard is covered in crows. "Bad things happen when the crows come," kid's mom says, and Mulder's rolling around on the porch stairs, but Scully's got this. She finds and threatens the boy, and she and Mulder drive away with him, questioning him. Mulder knows the kid, Kyle, is doing the ringing; it's his alien way of communicating. Totally normal.

Kyle's looking for his also special sister — and by now they've realized (I think) who this kid's real parents are. So natch they take him to see his dad in the deformed kids jail, and he tells Dr. Goldman he's looking for Molly. Goldman, showing no "hey, this is my son; I need to capture him!" takes him to someone he claims is the boy's sister, but it's not our telekinetic fit-thrower from before, so we know better.

So does Kyle, who runs down the hallway until he finds her.

They talk telepathically, blow out the glass, throw Scully against the wall and knock her unconscious, slide Mulder away more gently and THEN ATTACK THEIR EVIL FATHER'S BRAIN.

To quote Mulder, "I blacked out after Goldman's eyes popped out of the sockets. Believe me, you can't unsee that."


Skinner says they're off the case — big surprise! — and Mulder thinks of William some more, alone at a table.

Tune in next week (yes, now these things will be on a weekly basis) for a full-sized lizard man and Scully saying, "Mulder, the Internet is not good for you."

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