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'We will build your car': Bob Dylan's Super Bowl surprise

Super Bob's Super Bowl commercial: "We will build your car"


Super Bob's Super Bowl commercial: "We will build your car"



Bob Dylan isn't countercultural; Bob Dylan just does whatever the heck Bob Dylan wants to do. And on Super Bowl Sunday, 72-year-old Robert Zimmerman wanted to slop a bunch of Grecian Formula in his hair and crash the Big Game.

By the time his ubercool, casually rah-rah Chrysler commecial — a total hush-hush surprise, by the way — aired in the second half, it was a Seahawkian blowout and TVs had been clicked off. But I was there, I saw it, and I can't stop thinking about it.

Reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's iconic 2012 Super Bowl spot "Halftime in America," also done for Chrysler, Dylan's turn is equally gritted-teeth defiant and in-your-face, aimed at jumpstarting the pulse of our automobile workers. With the instrumental strum of Things Have Changed playing underneath his hip, detached narration (not until the close does he croak the chorus, and it packs wicked punctuation), the commercial intersperses "American" visuals with mythic snaps of Dylan then and now.

It's provocative, it's inspiring, it's 100% Bob. Switzerland and Germany and Asia take subtle passive-aggressive digs; the U.S. of A. gets the classic bootstrapped kicker.

There are people crying "sellout," but hey, I'm a Bob apologist, and I think it was the best darn commercial on TV Sunday. Check it out...

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