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Rest assured, Feed fans: Even though TV/Media critic Eric Deggans has left the Tampa Bay Times, we’re sure as heck not turning off the tube. Instead, we are reinforcing our channel-surfing expertise to keep you sated with all manner of Walking Dead wonkery and Mad Men minutiae. And of course, we can't resist the antics of local folks on reality shows, plus other local TV news. (We could also spend days talking about Plinko strategies on The Price Is Right. Drop left!)

Starting this week, Times writers Sean Daly, Michelle Stark, Joshua Gillin and Sharon Kennedy Wynne will inject an invigorated Feed blog with trenchant criticism, pertinent news and — wait for it — too many How I Met Your Mother references. Barney = our hero. We’ll be refined and witty discussing new shows (and Michael J. Fox’s intangible awesomeness), but we’re not above devolving into slapfights about Homeland’s schizoid storytelling or who should win The Voice. And fair warning: We’ll also post basically any video of Jimmy Fallon ever. We’re in love, okay?
Of course, the Feed won’t be any fun without you guys. So think of this as your new clubhouse. Bring Funyuns, a case of YooHoo, maybe even a few pizza-flavored Hot Pockets and join the convo. Let’s all geek out over our favorite shows together. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @TimesTVFeed for nonstop TV nerdery.
Okay, enough chit-chat. After all, there’s glorious amounts of television to watch. So go watch it. We can meet back here during the commercials...

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 1:26pm]


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