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What to watch and listen to this week: Election night coverage, Presidents Are People Too! podcast



Watch this week

Like it or not, this crazy election comes to an end Tuesday night. Well, at least a winner is declared. We hope.

There are plenty of places to watch the results come in live and a couple election comedy specials to keep your spirits up. But if you just want to binge the night away and cautiously check the news on your phone the next morning, dive into these shows instead.

I feel like the world is ending: Black Mirror (Netflix), The Leftovers (HBO)

I need to escape this dumpster fire of an election and go to my happy place: Friends (TBS), Gilmore Girls (Netflix), Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

Something scarier than this election: American Horror Story (FX/Netflix), The Witch (Amazon)

I need to be reminded there are good things in this world: This Is Us (NBC), Pitch (Fox)


Supergirl, 8 p.m., CW: Supergirl faces a ruthless gang armed with cutting-edge alien technology, and Kara gets Mon-El an internship with CatCo.

Special: Kimberly Mays: Switched at Birth, 8 p.m., TLC: The story of Mays, who was switched at birth with another baby and sent home with the wrong family.

Marathon: South Park, 8-11 p.m., Comedy Central: A politically-themed marathon called South Park: Make America Mmmkay Again.

Special: Saturday Night Live, 10 p.m., NBC: A special SNL presentation of memorable sketches to satirize this election season. We're hoping for plenty of Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.


Live election night coverage

Note: free Monday through Wednesday for live election coverage.

NBC: Special: 2016 Election Night anchored by Lester Holt, 7 p.m.

CBS: Campaign 2016: News Coverage of Election Night anchored by Scott Pelley, 7 p.m.

ABC: Your Voice Your Vote: Election Night 2016, 7 p.m.

PBS: NewsHour with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, 8 p.m.

Fox: You Decide 2016: Election Special, 8 p.m.

Fox News: America’s Election HQ, 6 p.m.

CNN: Election Night in America with Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and more, 6 p.m.

MSNBC: Election Day 2016, 9 a.m.

Late night election specials

Drunk History, 10:30 p.m., Comedy Central: An election special with stories about past elections and presidents, including the brutal campaign between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Stephen Colbert's Live Election Night Democracy's Series Finale: Who's Going to Clean Up This Sh*t?, 11 p.m., Showtime: Features real-time reactions as the results of the election come in along with guests to help break it down.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and @midnight, 11 p .m.: Both Comedy Central shows are going live on election night, with a special hourlong episode of The Daily Show followed by @midnight's first-ever life episode with guests Whitney Cummings, Ron Funches and Paul F. Tompkins.

Plug in

Presidents Are People Too!

This is not your typical political podcast. It's more of a casual news show or series focusing on the personal life of a U.S. president.

These men have been studied to death, focusing on their political stances, campaigns, scandals that broke them or made them stronger and the legacies they left in the Oval Office. Hosts Elliott Kalan and Alexis Coe talk to experts, comedians, journalists and writers about the presidents to better understand them as actual people.

Sure, we know President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio, but he also had an affinity for concocting fine cocktails and lived with his mother his entire life. Eleanor, not surprisingly, had major issues with that. Warren G. Harding, a former newspaper editor and arguably one of the worst presidents, only served two years in office before dying of a heart attack. But the scandals that followed his death cemented him in our history books. You truly can't unhear some of Harding's love letters to his mistress.

Then there's Nixon, the only president to resign from office. Hearing about his relationship with wife Pat casts him in a softer light.

The series is still very new and bounces around from president to president in no particular order. So far, it has featured Presidents James K. Polk, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Warren G. Harding on iTunes.

The show is from Audible Channels, a collection of playlists and original series full of news, entertainment, politics and more. Subscribers of Audible and Amazon Prime have access to Channels and the full season, but luckily the first few episodes of Presidents are People Too are available through iTunes and Stitcher.

Welcome the new president: I wrote about the Presidential podcast from the Washington Post way back in September, and now the series has made its way through all 44 presidents. Coming Nov. 9, it will release its final episode featuring the president-elect. Check it out on iTunes and 

Contact Chelsea Tatham at Follow @chelseatatham.

[Last modified: Monday, November 7, 2016 11:29am]


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