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What to watch and listen to this week: 'Rocky Horror' reboot, Myths and Legends podcast



Watch this week


SEASON PREMIERE: Jane the Virgin, 9 p.m., CW: Jane learns that Michael was shot; Rafael safeguards Mateo; Anezka poses as Petra; and Rogelio requests help to keep things quiet in the press for Jane.

SEASON PREMIERE: The Odd Couple, 9:30 p.m., CBS: Oscar faces a true dilemma in the Season 3 premiere when he has to choose between romantic plans and helping keep his friend keep from falling apart.


Chance, midnight, Hulu: Based on Kem Nunn's novel, Chance stars Hugh Laurie as a very different kind of doctor than in House. Laurie's neuropsychiatrist has to navigate through police corruption, violence and mental illness while trying to help an alluring patient with a personality disorder.

13 Nights of Halloween, starts at 5:30 p.m., Freeform: Freeform's annual small-screen fright fest kicks off with The Nightmare Before Christmas and continues through Nov. 1 with films like The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus and Scooby-Doo.

R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls, 7 p.m., Freeform: In this small-screen premiere, the monsters inside the Hall of Horrors show, as well as the villainous showman and his assistant, are very realistic and so dedicated to the scares. But some meddling teenagers discover a haunted cabinet backstage that traps souls of lost teens.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, 8 p.m., ABC: This marks 50 years of the classic Halloween TV special featuring Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Charlie Brown is finally invited to a Halloween party while Linus waits patiently for the Great Pumpkin to arrive in the pumpkin patch.

Toy Story OF TERROR!, 8:30 p.m., ABC: Woody and the gang go on a road trip and get detoured to a motel where some of the toys start vanishing.

Third presidential debate, 9 p.m., various news networks: The third and final debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Moderated by Chris Wallace at UNLV in Las Vegas.


SPECIAL: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again, 8 p.m., Fox: It's astounding to think it's been more than 40 years since we first did the Time Warp. Madness takes its toll in this reboot special, starring Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Tim Curry as the narrator/criminologist.

Beyond the Walls, midnight, Shudder: The horror streaming service's first exclusive series. Lisa inherits a mysterious old house in France that was left to her in the will of its former owner. We can safely assume the house is probably haunted.

Plug In

Myths and Legends

Don't let the names of certain episodes fool you, this is not a Disney podcast. The podcast explores the myths and legends that have been around for centuries, including stories rooted in truth like the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur and the vikings and the original stories of Aladdin, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast, which inspired the Disney films.

Myths and Legends is another podcast where you can skip around episodes depending on your interests. And to keep episodes digestible, the host keeps them under an hour and breaks up longer stories into multiple episodes.

Most people are aware the characters in Disney films are inspired by folklore and fairy tales from the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. But not many can also say they've thoroughly read the original tales.

Myths and Legends makes it easier to see the roots of the beloved movies, and may or may not ruin your favorite childhood fairy tales.

The beast in Beauty and the Beast was more reptilian than furry in the original story by French writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. The story of Aladdin is basically "torment a pretty princess until she marries you" in the Middle Eastern folktale.

And the phenomenon of Frozen is based on the story of The Snow Queen, with much more violence, kidnapping and weirdness in Andersen's fairy tale.

Aside from Disney film inspiration, Myths and Legends delves into dragons, the origins of Santa Claus, fairies, doppelgangers and folklore from American Indian, Irish, Korean and Russian history.

This is not a podcast for your Disney-obsessed children, but it's perfect for those who grew up reading and watching these characters and are eager to learn about their histories.

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Contact Chelsea Tatham at Follow @chelseatatham.


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