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What to watch and listen to this week: 'Timeless,' Alice Isn't Dead podcast



Watch this week

SEASON PREMIERE: Scorpion, 9 p.m., CBS, Monday. In the first half of the combined episode of the third season premiere, anonymous hackers target major cities after taking control of U.S. military aircraft.

SERIES PREMIERE: Conviction, 10 p.m., ABC, Monday. Despite abruptly canceling Agent Carter, ABC is determined to keep Hayley Atwell on TV. She plays a former first daughter with a rebellious streak who reluctantly takes a job to lead Los Angeles' Conviction Integrity Unit to save face.

SERIES PREMIERE: Timeless, 10 p.m., NBC, Monday. The new time travel series teams a professor, a soldier and their tech guy tasked with chasing a rogue time traveler, starting with a trip back to the Hindenburg disaster. Of course, meddling even with small aspects of the past has major consequences, leading to some major butterfly-effects.

SEASON PREMIERE: The Flash, 8 p.m., CW, Tuesday. Barry Allen is living his dream now that Kid Flash has taken over the duty of saving the city. But as superhero shows go, disaster strikes and he must decide if he wants to return to his life as the Flash.

SERIES PREMIERE: No Tomorrow, 9 p.m., CW, Tuesday. Evie (Tori Anderson) is a risk-averse goody-two-shoes who avoids spontaneity for fear of failure. Naturally, awkward situations find her anyway. Along comes Xavier (Joshua Sasse) who takes her on adventures and gets her to check off goals on her bucket list. Just one catch: he believes the apocalypse is coming.

Vice Presidential Debate, 9 p.m., various news channels, Tuesday. Democratic candidate Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Va. Elaine Quijano moderates.

SEASON PREMIERE Arrow, 8 p.m., CW, Wednesday. A deadly new criminal threatens Star City in the fifth season premiere. Oliver Queen has to consider forming a new team of superheroes to help him battle.

SERIES PREMIERE: Frequency, 9 p.m., CW, Wednesday. Raimy Sullivan's father, Frank, was estranged from his family and died in 1996 during an undercover mission with the police force. When she discovers she can speak to him through an old ham radio, they both mess with time and reap the consequences. It's not as sci-fi as it sounds. The father-daughter relationship anchors the series.

Phantasm: Remastered, 11 p.m., SyFy, Thursday. J.J. Abrams' cleans up Don Coscarelli's 35mm print of the 1979 cult classic to restore the story of three youths investigating a funeral parlor run by a ghoulish man.

31 Days of Halloween, SyFy. SyFy's annual celebration of all things horror started this weekend and continues through the rest of the month. On the schedule this week are Twilight Zone episodes, The Grudge sequels, Sinister, Cabin in the Woods, Paranormal Witness and Ghost Hunters marathons, Shutter Island, Wrong Turn and You're Next. Visit for a full schedule.

Plug in

Alice Isn't Dead

From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead is a serialized fictional radio drama dripping with mystery and a serious creep factor. The unnamed narrator, voiced by Jasika Nicole, is a truck driver on the road delivering orders and trying to find her wife, the titular character Alice, whom she believes to be dead. Alice is inspired by creator Joseph Fink's life on the road promoting the Welcome to Night Vale novel and show.

Like Night Vale, Alice has an authentic story-telling feel (in Night Vale, a radio broadcast; in Alice, the narrator records messages to her wife through the truck radio). There's even the crackle of the truck radio and subtle rumbling of the engine. Listeners will find just as much paranormal activity in Alice  human-like creatures that eat flesh, ghostly towns that reappear in different locations and a delivery to a factory in Florida where time seems to be a little off.

Alice is more confined than its predecessor. Whereas Night Vale is an opened-ended series with a new radio broadcast every week, Alice's first 10 episodes constitute Part 1 of its series, reaching some sort of cliff-hanger conclusion by the last episode.

All 10 episodes of Alice's first season are available to stream now through iTunes, Stitcher and

Strong Opinions Loosely Held

Refinery 29's executive producer, Elisa Kreisinger, takes on today's pop culture and trend-makers, covering everything from the Kardashians and selfies to women on death row and negotiating feminism and faith.

People say they don't care about the Kardashians, but why are they everywhere we look? Do we use Instagram to create an illusion of perfection or to escape a harsher reality? What exactly are upspeak, vocal fry and other terms used to criticize the way women speak? Listeners will find the answers to these questions and more, along with discussions on selfie shame, fashion and how it relates to modern culture and a feminist artist trying to find common ground with the internet's most infamous misogynist.

The podcast launched in May and released 10 easily digestable episodes. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher and

Contact Chelsea Tatham at Follow @chelseatatham.

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