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Why is Peter Capaldi replacing the infamous screwdriver?



Doctor Who, Season 9, Episode 2

Editor's note: Since Doctor Who is as popular with actual kids as it is with big kids, we thought it might be fun to get a more youthful perspective on the new season. Wade Smith, 12, is the son of Tampa Bay Times writers Adam Smith and Katherine Snow Smith. He's a seventh grader at Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School in St. Petersburg, and has loved TV and film "since my days with Sesame Street andSpongeBob," he says. "At the moment my favorite shows are Better Call Saul, Veep and of course, Doctor Who." He stumbled on the Doctor at the ripe old age of nine.

I can't stand Peter Capaldi. At first it was just because I missed Matt Smith, but now it's more than that. Not trying to be mean, but he's just too old. Anything he does or says just looks weird. And now he's getting rid the screwdriver.

Come on. Matt Smith has the Fez. Tom Baker has the scarf. David Tennant has the 3D glasses. So how about getting your own schtick and not replacing the screw driver with a cheap pair of glassses.

Moving on, here are the seven craziest moments of Doctor Who Series Nine Episode Two: The Witch's Familiar.

1. Yes, Missy and Clara are still alive. The plot twist in episode 1 when they died was giant. It had whovians all over the world waiting for this episode.

2. Missy announced what "sewer" means in Scaro.

3. Clara and Missy Managed to kill a Dalek. Honestly, I hate Missy. I have hated her from the start. Moffat expects us to love her, but in reality she's a carzy timelord that murders and tricks innocent people for fun.

4.  Clara went inside the Dalek and practically became it.

5. The Doctor tricked Davros. Everyone thought the Doctor was dying, (I wish) but it turns out that he was also regenerating an angry generation of (basically) dead Daleks.

6. The Doctor united with Clara. The reunion came after a close call with Missy, the Doctor finally found Clara in the Dalek. Again, I hate Missy. I wish the Doctor would just lock her up, or if he had the guts, kill her.

7. The Ending. The ending brought us to the possibility that Daleks might understand mercy. This is hard to believe after all the awful things they have done in the past. Will it affect how to act in the future or how the Doctor views them.

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