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Winner and loser of the week: Ed Sheeran breaks Spotify record; Martin Shkreli kicked off Twitter





Ed Sheeran. Fans of the English singer-songwriter were pretty antsy for new music, which was pretty clear this week when his two latest singles exploded on Spotify. After nearly two years of nothin', Sheeran released Shape of You and Castle on the Hill off his upcoming album ÷ (pronounced Divide). Shape of You received 6.87 million streams and Castle on the Hill received 6.17 in just 24 hours, breaking the record previously set by One Direction for Drag Me Down (4.76 streams) in 2015. The songs have now been played tens of millions of times, putting the two tracks at No.1 and No. 2 on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart, a weekly ranking of the most shared or tweeted about tunes. Sheeran is the first artist to debut two songs at the top two slots. Not a bad week. We're glad to have new music, and so are these other celebs:


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


Martin Shkreli. The former pharmaceutical exec, known to most as the "pharma bro" who made headlines back in 2015 for raising the price of the lifesaving drug Daraprim from $13.50 per dose to a whopping $750, is back to being Twitter's No. 1 villain. Shkreli, who was also arrested on securities fraud and wire fraud charges in 2015, has a lot of loser traits. And now the social media troll has been kicked off Twitter and Periscope for being, well, a total creep. Shkreli engaged in "targeted harassment," making some weird advances toward Lauren Duca, an editor at Teen Vogue who went viral for her article, How Trump is Gaslighting America. Duca reported Shkreli to Twitter after he changed his profile picture to a photo of Duca and her husband, but with his face edited onto her Spouse's body. He then changed his banner image to a collage of pictures of Duca, with the text "For Better or worse, til death do us part, I love you with every single beat of my heart." He changed his Twitter bio to say he had a "small crush" on Duca. "Hope she doesn't find out." According to Duca, the harassment started after she turned down his invitation to the inauguration, which he sent in a direct message. "He has been harassing me for a while. It's an ongoing thing," she told Buzzfeed. "He's been actively tweeting about dating me. I don't know if he's encouraging people to do this, but there's been a small contingent of trolls telling me to sleep with him - but not that politely," she said. Shkreli defended his actions to The Verge, trying to pass all this off as normal. Nope. Not normal.


[Last modified: Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:55pm]


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