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Winner and loser of the week in pop culture: Aziz Ansari, that Starbucks red cup guy, Bloomingdale's

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Aziz Ansari, master of all. Yes, we know his new show, Master of None, technically dropped last week on Netflix, but chatter about it has been everywhere you turn this week, including Ansari penning a column for the New York Times and appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Even if it's not your particular brand of funny (DON'T COME AT US WITH PITCHFORKS FOR SAYING THAT, PLEASE), you've got to give props to Master of None's bold but relatable look at racism and relationships between parents and children, among other things. Plus it gave us Aziz and his (real-life and reel-life) dad in an awesome appearance on Colbert's show Tuesday, then an impassioned Instagram afterward of father and son that has gone viral. In the post, Ansari explained that his dad took his vacation time (he's a doctor in real life, just like on the show) to film Master of None and that after Colbert, daddy-o said, "This is all fun and I liked acting in the show, but I really just did it so I could spend more time with you." THE FEELS. RIGHT IN THE FEELS. If there was a winner of the week runner-up, it'd be Daddy Ansari.


The guy who started this whole Starbucks red cups "controversy." As you've surely heard from about 500 media outlets by now, some guy ranted on Facebook about how Starbucks was trying to take Christ out of Christmas by making its annual holiday cups just plain red this year. Joshua Feuerstein, whose website describes him as an Arizona-based evangelist and "social media personality," encouraged folks in his rant video to go in, order coffee and tell the baristas their names are "Merry Christmas" so it has to be written on the cup. Some 186,855 people liked the video, but at least as many have pointed out that his argument makes no sense given that the cups' previous decorations were secular items such as snowflakes, buying a product to protest is highly illogical, telling the barista your name is "Merry Christmas" is petty and more importantly, coffee cups have remarkably little to do with the spirit of Christmas anyway. The guy did get a lot of media traction and Dunkin Donuts put out cups with the word joy and Christmas-y wreaths, so maybe he counts himself a victor. We're still pretty sure he's an overblown tempest in a holiday coffee cup.

Honorable mention loser

Just because it's so awful we can't not mention it, honorable mention in the loser category goes to the creepiest Bloomingdale's ad to ever exist. You can take a look for yourself and marvel at how this seeming date rape joke made it past people who should have known better and out into the world.



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