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Winner and loser of the week in pop culture ft. a 'Game of Thrones' romance and an unlikely Twitter feud



Game of Thrones fans. From reel to real: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who brought to life the roles of Jon Snow and Ygritte, have taken their nonfictional romance public. The pair who played a couple in a forbidden relationship showed up at the Olivier Awards in London holding hands and smooching for the paps. In an interview on the Jonathan Ross Show, Harington confirmed the news with a bit of terse commentary. “This is Rose who plays Ygritte who I’ve met who is just the loveliest girl and she could do so much better,” he said as he held up a photo of the pair. They’re so swoon-worthy, aren’t they?

Azealia Banks. The rapper is known for her profanity-laden Twitter rants, but this one takes the cake. Since this is a family paper, we’ve chosen not to print what the Chasing Time hitmaker wrote about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, but what we can tell you is this: A feud started when Banks read a satirical article written about the former vice presidential candidate and fell for every racist word of it. She then aimed an extremely vulgar — and we mean extremely vulgar — rant directly at Palin. Banks’s hate-fueled tweets have since been deleted from her account but for longevity’s sake were screengrabbed by the Media Research Center. Palin responded by threatening legal action: “I think this time I don’t just sit back and swallow it, but put the fear of God in her by holding her accountable. As many of you have for years implored me to do, I’m finally going to sue.” That was enough to convince Banks to post a somewhat demeaning apology letter on Tumblr that would haunt the dreams of English teachers and copy editors for years to come, ending it with a series of ironic, angry postscripts including, “P.S.: — I am an EXTREMELY intelligent woman, Mrs. Palin.”

[Last modified: Friday, April 8, 2016 1:23pm]


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