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Winner and loser of the week: Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande stun in 'Hairspray'; Judge Reinhold causes a scene at the airport

There is Jennifer Hudson, center, casually stealing the show.


There is Jennifer Hudson, center, casually stealing the show.




Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande. There was a lot of hype around the NBC live production of Hairspray! And unsurprisingly, the duet between powerhouse singers Hudson and Grande stole the whole show. The two were stellar as Motormouth Maybelle and Penny Pingleton while singing Come So Far (Got So Far To Go), the big finale moment that brought all the other cast members out for their curtain call. The musical, set in 1962, centers around Tracy Turnblad, an plump teen dancer who wins a spot on her local dance TV show, and then launches a campaign to integrate the program. Grande spoke to E! News about the duet, saying, "The hook says, ‘We've come so far, but we've got so far to go,' which is exactly where we're at right now. It's exactly why we're supposed to be doing this show right now, cosmically. The world needs to hear it in a fun musical way, it's a message that we need to get out there." A lot of people tune into live musicals to hate watch (ahem, looking at you Sound of Music), but Hairspray Live! totally nailed it thanks to Hudson and Grande.


Judge Reinhold. You would think someone who starred in Beverly Hills Cop would have some respect for the law. You would also think someone who starred in the most beloved Christmas movie The Santa Clause would have a little chill around the holidays. Well, you're wrong because Reinhold, the star of almost every '90s movie that required a patterned sweater-wearing dad, was just a mega jerk at the airport on Thursday. According to TMZ, Reinhold was reportedly arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, at the Dallas Love Field airport during an attempted TSA security check. Reinhold, 59, "became belligerent," the Dallas Morning News reported, after he was selected for a random pat-down. He then refused to go to a private room and caused a real scene.


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