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Winner and loser of the week: Lady Gaga nails halftime performance; David Beckham in email scandal

Fat-shamers get out of here


Fat-shamers get out of here



Winner: Lady Gaga.

There were certainly a Million Reasons to appreciate Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime performance. From that high-flying entrance to the mic-drop at the end, it was 13 minutes of pure spectacle. She kept things positive, stayed true to her brand and, well, she totally killed it.

We weren't sure which version of Gaga we were going to get, or if at some point she would make a political statement, which she did subtly with her set list -- performing This Land is Your Land as well as Born This Way. Following the performance, there was a huge spike in song and album downloads that night, according to Nielsen Music.

"I think that even if you have my music, or if you don't have it, there's something about watching a live performance that can reignite the fan in you," Gaga told Ryan Seacrest reacting to the bump in sales. And now fans have even more to look forward to, Gaga announced plans for a world tour of her newest Album, Joanne. And yes, there is a Tampa stop on Dec. 1.

"I can't wait to bring the #JOANNEWorldTour to all of you. See you very soon! Xoxo, Joanne," she tweeted after the Super Bowl.

Still, even with all the Gaga love, some trolls still found something to critique about the show. Gaga's body. That obviously didn't sit well with Gaga's legion of monsters, who were quick to take down the body-shamers online.

Gaga responded on Instagram: I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That's the stuff of champions. thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys. Xoxo, gaga


Loser: David Beckham.

David, I dub thee loser of the week.

The former England soccer captain, seen by most as a family-friendly, charitable hunk, is in a bit of a PR nightmare after 18.6 million private messages were stolen from him. And boy do they paint a different picture.

From the emails, published in the U.K. newspaper The Sun, Beckham comes off as a demanding celeb who is weirdly obsessed with being knighted.

"Unless it's a knighthood f*** off," reads one email allegedly sent to Beckham's PR firm. Woah there, settle down. There were also several emails criticizing honors given to other celebs. And many emails suggest Beckham's charitable efforts over the years were only for the possibility of knighthood. 

The damaging emails also show Beckham complaining about Unicef approaching him, asking him to contribute.  "I don't want to do it and won't do it with my own money."

In a separate email, Beckham allegedly demands that TV producers pay for a private jet to take him to watch his son play football after he appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

But probably the most upsetting to fans (and the supposed reason he wasn't knighted) were the emails showing Beckham's involvement with Ingenious Media, a tax-minimizing scheme which claimed it was set up to fund movies. It has been the subject of a long-running investigation. Team Beckham's reps have said that the emails were stolen and have been edited, and were released after he refused to give in to a $1 million blackmail attempt.

We're hoping the emails were in fact doctored, because Beckham throwing a fit over not having Sir in front of his name definitely ruins the appeal. Many are still standing by the soccer star. Unicef Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth tweeted out, "For over 15 years David Beckham has been a dedicated and passionate @UNICEF ambassador, helping many thousands of children."


[Last modified: Thursday, February 9, 2017 7:10pm]


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