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Winner and loser of the week: Ryan Gosling gushes over Eva Mendes and Calvin Klein reveals creepy ad

Baby Amada Gosling won the genetic lottery thanks to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

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Baby Amada Gosling won the genetic lottery thanks to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.


Ryan Gosling could be our winner of the week just on the grounds of being Ryan Gosling, but the the 35-year-old dreamboat has been particularly busy lately. Not only is he starring alongside Russell Crowe in Nice Guys, which is in theaters next week, Gosling has a new woman in his life to "hey girl." Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed a top secret baby into the world. Amada Lee Gosling was born April 29 and the couple managed to keep their second daughter's arrival hidden for two weeks. And if we didn't gush over Gosling enough, he went on Good Morning America and said life with Mendes is "heaven. It's like walking through a field of flowers every day. I live with angels." *Swoon*



Calvin Klein's latest underwear advertisement has sparked outrage online. And boy is it creepy. The clothing line tweeted out "Take a peek at Klara Kristin through Harley Weir's lens. #mycalvins," with a photo of the extremely young-looking model (Kristin is 23) gazing down with the camera aimed up her skirt. Obviously the actor posed for the photo, but the up-skirt pic has The National Center on Sexual Exploitation calling out the brand for its "glamorized depiction of an ‘up-skirting' victim." No point showing you a photo, this being a family newspaper, but critics have called the new campaign a "promotion of child pornopgraphy," "predatory" and "disgusting." Calvin Klein is sticking with the photo, but the comments on Instagram are not pretty.


[Last modified: Friday, May 13, 2016 3:59pm]


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