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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

This ain't your Momma's Betsy Wetsy!



If you watch the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any other kids network, the commercials have been hard to ignore. They show the new generation of baby dolls that "pee" and "poop" after "eating".

Now, back in the day, Betsy Wetsy would drink a bottle and then some water Mom_babyalive would come out. But now Baby Alive Learns to Potty leaves some waste in her potty after eating bananas and green beans (the box adds that like a real baby's poop, this may stain some surfaces). And according to this Washington Post story, some people think Baby Alive and her kin go a little bit too far. I'm in that camp. But not everyone is since the dolls have been flying off the shelf this holiday season -- although here it is in stock for less than $20 at

Right about now I'm really glad I've got two boys. Sure, they want all manner of Wii games where they can play with lightsabers and run away from bad guys, but at least they aren't asking for these dolls that are, in my opinion, a little too real. I mean, Mommas, you potty trained your kids but do you really want to relive that with a doll? And yes, it's all pretend but shouldn't something like this be left to the imagaination?

Now, if you think this doll goes too far, be forewarned: Next year, they could go even farther. "You're going to see the envelope pushed to make baby dolls as real as possible without being offensive in any way," Jim Silver, editor of Time to Play, a Web magazine that reviews toys, said in the Post article.

We'll be the judge of that.

As so many of you have been saying on the Tini Puppini post, it is up to the parents to decide if that is something that they want in their house. And if you say no and your child still asks Santa for it, just tell her that Santa knows which toys parents won't like. Frankly, Johnny can ask Santa for a chainsaw but he's not getting it.

-- Sherry Robinson

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