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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Almost to that golden age: 4 years old

It's been four joyous, challenging years, but my little girl is almost there. Almost to that golden age of 11314026-1600x2400 toddlerdom, as I call it, when her big-girl instincts kick in and she's a joy to take almost anywhere. Tantrums are scarce, curiosity is fierce and fun is first rate.

Almost since she was born, I've been waiting for her 4th birthday. That's about the time my older daughter turned the corner of early childhood. And, about the time I got pregnant with the little one. I relished the time before the baby, knowing full well my days of freedom were numbered. Not that having a 4-year-old was easy, but my husband and I both recognized the flexibility her maturing personality allowed.

Now we're closing in on that milestone with the baby. And I couldn't be happier. I've struggled many times these first few years, knowing I couldn't take her certain places because of her volatile nature (okay, that may be too harsh a word, but you mommas know what I mean). Usually it meant splitting the family up: Daddy/Big Sis here, Mommy/Little Sis there, or vice versa. With so little family time to begin with, the separations were painful. Some times, we just didn't go anywhere at all. Certainly, it was easier that way.

And who isn't ready to leave the tantrums behind? I've seen so many tears today alone, I'm eager to move on to happier days. Just a couple more months of the 3's and I'm there!

-- Amy Hollyfield

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