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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Are Mommas hiding behind their kids on Facebook?

Mom_hide Do you Facebook? If you do, do you have a picture of your kids in the profile spot instead of your own? Well, according to this article, Mommas, you are hiding behind your kids and shame on you! Writer Katie Roiphe says that Betty Friedan would be so upset because women identify themselves more as mothers than they do as businesswomen, college professors, graduates, MBAs or whatever. She adds that many women do this because they have basically let themselves go. They wear sneakers every day and forget to get their hair cut. They are slovenly and unattractive so they choose to put a photo of their children rather than show their true selves.

In the article, she writes, "But this particular form of narcissism, these cherubs trotted out to create a picture of self is to me more disturbing for the truth it tells. The subliminal equation is clear: I am my children."

Really? What side of the bed did she wake up on? I always thought the Facebook pix was just something that represented the way you felt that day or that hour. Some Facebook users change their photos a lot -- I don't. I also don't use a photo of my kids like a lot of my Facebook friends do. But I love to see those photos because it keeps me up to date throughout the year. And it gives you a better indication of the child's personality moreso than the once-a-year holiday pictures that start rolling in at the end of the year. I'm the same way -- I want that pix to be perfect and we all know our kids aren't. (link up pix post)

So what if women decide to use a photo of their kids. It's their choice, right? I frankly think that if her mom "friends" read this, they should figure out the Facebook un-friending process because she is calling them out on something they decide is the picture that best represents them and brings them joy. I don't know her but I would suggest that sending her an annual holiday letter is also not a good idea.

-- Sherry Robinson

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