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Whoa, Momma!

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Artist uses self-portrait composed of nipple photos to join Facebook breastfeeding protest



You know, sometimes people have good intentions and want to help. But in the case of artist Phil Hansen, we really aren't sure if he wanted to help the lactivists fighting Facebook or if he is just looking for a little publicity.

Hansen, a Saint Paul, Minn.-based multimedia artist, composed a self-portrait made entirely of pictures of his nipples. Yes, you read it right! He did it to see if the portrait would pass the Facebook decency code.

It didn't. The portrait was removed two days after Hansen unveiled it. Photos of women breastfeeding have been removed from Facebook; the social networking site considers photos obscene that show a woman's full breast or nipple. Even after the virtual protest on Dec. 27, Facebook has said it will not be moved by the lactivists.

We're all for solidarity and anyone who wants can join in the fight. But Hansen's protest does seem to go overboard just a bit. But in his defense, after his photo was removed, he saw an ad on his page that featured a man shaving his chest -- and his nipples were exposed!

Mom_mosaicIn more breastfeeding as art news, photos that have been removed from Facebook are now being used to build a breastfeeding mosaic. You can upload your own images to add to the mosaic. Eventually, organizers hope to have 100,000 images on the piece -- they are seeking not just those removed from Facebook but any photo of a Momma breastfeeding.

If you don't feel comfortable adding a photo -- and some people don't -- you can still add a comment to the virtual petition, which is being backed by the Pregnancy Health Guru, which houses a library of pregnancy videos.

Since neither the protestors nor Facebook is backing down, what could possibly be next in this tit for tat? Stay tuned.

-- Sherry Robinson


[Last modified: Thursday, May 13, 2010 10:58am]


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