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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Baby bling -- fab or fug?



As the newbie mom of our blogging crew, it often falls to me to share my parenting firsts or discuss my insecurities or questions. I am always willing to take one for the team. (Doubt this? Check out my blogs on living with pets and a baby or on breastfeeding.)

Mom_teethingbling_2 Next up: Product trials a la Teething Bling. It’s moldable, bendable jewelry that’s safe for babies to chew. Made from the same stuff as teething toys, it is dishwasher safe and affordably priced at $12 to $15 per piece.

My bling arrived last week. My first thought? It’s not my style, a little big for a sophisticate and a tad bland for a would-be fashionista. But what would baby think? We put Teething Bling to the test on a recent Saturday as my daughter, a friend and I headed out to the Fancy Pants consignment sale in St. Petersburg.

Though the Smart Moms who created Teething Bling also market a key chain and a bracelet, the pendant is the company’s staple. When I donned the necklace, a black fabric cord anchored by a brown pendant, my 6 month old went straight for the cord. It took her more than an hour to discover the brown paisley pendant, which I suspect is actually the part she is supposed to chew. Once she got it, she gnawed away in complete, if temporary, bliss.

The little teether totally ignored the bracelet. And I’m glad. Once on my wrist, it was a major lint and dust attractor. So, consignment sale: Score one for Teething Bling. In church on Sunday: Zero. She ignored the necklace, preferring to babble at the top of her lungs during the sermon.

I also put Teething Bling to the test with friends. Zero compliments even when I fished for them. But there was fascination. One friend said it was not attractive, but it was worth it for the baby. Others said my pairing of colors did little to present the bling in its best light. A seasoned mom questioned whether it is a good idea to encourage babies to chew jewelry.

Somehow, I’ve got to believe you have an opinion.

-- Sherri Day

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