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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Baby, it's cold outside!



Mom_cold Brrrrrr! I haven't seen sustained cold weather like this in years. And because so many Floridians aren't used to it, we may not be dressing ourselves -- or our kids -- properly to keep out the cold. Short of wearing a Snuggie to work or school, what can we do? There has been some advice from our sisters, the Deal Divas. And now, Kimberly Cooper, a Whoa, Momma! reader says that bicyclists -- like herself -- and motorcycle riders might be able to offer some advice. Here's what she says:

"During cold snaps, I hear a lot news people telling everyone to bundle up and dress in layers.  But, that doesn't really do it because it's too vague.  A lot of people haven't really spent much time outside their cars or houses to get the experience to know how to dress warmly.

 "The motorcycle and bicycle riders who ride all year in all weather can tell people how to do it.

 "As a bicyclist, my advice is (to) choose the outside layer to be windproof. Get a windbreaker suit (jacket and pants) that are one or two sizes too big, big enough to fit over your school or work clothes.  Hold the pants up with a draw string, belt, or suspenders. Get gloves, socks, and a hat that break the wind, too.

 "If you choose a windproof outside layer, you'll only need enough layers under it to provide insulation and retain your heat. If you can't find windproof clothes at your regular stores, check out what bicycle and motorcycle shops have for you."

Good advice from someone who is out in the elements whether it is rain or shine, hot or cold. She adds that if you and your kids want to help the need, you might think about donating the same items to non-profit organizations that help low-income adults and kids. And don't forget to donate your used jackets, coats and blankets to help the needy as well.

Although this cold snap is expected to come to an end by next, we are not out of the woo

 -- Sherry Robinson

[In this Times photo from a previous cold snap in October, La'Kendra Brown, 14, was all bundled up while she held her friend's little sister Armoni Sanders, 2, at Bartlett Park in St. Petersburg).

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