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Baby names a go-go



Mom_24starmug_2  After reading posts from my fellow Mommas about wild celebrity baby names (including the newest to join the ranks, Valentine Anthony -- spawn of "24's" Mary Lynn Rajskub, left, and her physical trainer beau) and judges taking action against weird baby names, I feel it's time to explain myself.

My 8-year-old is named Alara. My 3-year-old is named Alessandra. Try to find either on the most popular baby names list. Thing is, my husband and I weren't trying to look cool or outdo anyone, we just wanted original names that reflected his Italian heritage.

Anyway, Alara's name honors the women who raised my husband -- his mother and her four sisters, We took the first letter of each name to form Alara: Aristea, Lia, Alba, Rosina and Ada. I thought we had a chance for this one since it's one letter off the more common Lara.

Now, I knew we were gambling on Alessandra, the Italian version of Alexandra. If only because, what if the girl couldn't say her own name? (Saved halfway through her second year!) And, surely I'm setting her up to fail in preschool when she can't write all the letters!

So yes, I know I'm the one whose baby announcements were met with confusion and concern over a unique name. But so far, so good.

-- Amy Hollyfield

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