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Baby pictures anyone?



Cutebaby Depending upon whom you ask, I am failing as a 21st century mom. My detractors' biggest complaint? I do not keep a digital camera tethered to my wrist to capture every giggle, grin and totally charming thing my 6-month-old does.

When I do take pictures, I generally keep them stored in the camera for my own personal enjoyment. And carry around a brag book? Puh-lease. Who has the time or the space in an already overloaded baby bag? Alas, among the picture-demanding set, this cavalier attitude is, apparently, taboo.

Recently I discovered a new Web site that will help me keep the critics - mostly far flung family members - at bay. At, users can choose from several decorative backgrounds and upload photos, fun facts about your child and interactive polls. There is also a guestbook, journal and auto-alert feature to let loved ones know when new updates have been made.

The Web site is free, unless of course you do what I did in a moment of euphoria and pay the $40 annual fee to upload video. Of course, one could also order prints of photos or a keepsake CD. And those things, I suppose, are the catch. Once you get started, it's addictive.

I'm reasoning that if my critics want pictures of my little girl, I'll provide them in spades or at the very least in a cutesy slideshow. My favorite feature is the site's security mechanism, which allows me to protect my daughter's pages with a password. Only those people with whom I share my secret code will be able to visit her site.

Don't like Get clicking. There are dozens of baby Web sites out there, including, and

-Sherri Day

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