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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Baby vs. Cat -- Who will win?



I’m ashamed to admit it but, here it goes: I want to put my cats up for adoption. I’ve been waiting for them to commit a faux pas, to hiss at my newborn, scratch at her, chew up  her bottles, send her into fits of inconsolable crying or pee all over her play mat. So far, nothing.

Before my daughter was born, I warned those cats that if they messed up, they’d be gone. I’d heard all the old wives’ tales such as "Cats take a baby’s breath," and from my mom, "Cats and babies don’t track." I didn’t believe them, but I’ve also kept my eyes trained on my cats’ every move.

My boys, Butterscotch and Midnight, haven’t been angels. (They hiss at toddlers and older children who pull their tails or chase them. In my book, this is understandable behavior. I’d be upset if someone crowded my personal space.) But they haven’t done anything to warrant being shipped off to a new home.

Here's the thing is: I’m tired. I don’t have the desire to play with them. I don’t feel like cleaning up after them. I never wanted to change the litter box before baby. Imagine how I feel now with less time and even less energy?

Mom_fatcat_2  They still need to be loved, and they deserve so much more than I can give at this point. The problem is that most people want to adopt kittens, not full-grown cats who weight in at about 20 pounds each (but nothing like the fat cat that was found wandering around New Jersey). I can’t bear the thought of them sitting in a shelter or worse. I’m not sure what to do.

-- Sherri Day

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