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BabyTalk: Stinky Diaper Awards to parentally challenged celebs



Mom_stinkydiaper_2Celebrities have it tough -- okay, not the freebies, the money or the fame. Not only are they under the microscope for everything they do but if they happen to be parents, they are doubly shamed for some of the inapporpriate things they do to and with their spawn.

So it's no wonder that BabyTalk magazine is handing out its 2008 Stinky Diaper Awards to some parents whose names have graced this blog throughout the year.

Back in July we said that Jennifer Lopez -- Jenny from the block to her friends -- had indeed left the block buying designer duds for her twin offspring who at the time were 5 months old. Those were some expensive burb cloths. Well the mag hit J-Lo and her hubby Marc Anthony with a Stinky Diaper for the luxurious baby room for Max and Emme that was a "what not to do" guide to childproofing the room and included "SIDS-inducing blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and crib bumpers."

Teenage Momma Jamie Lynn Spears took a Stinky Diaper for -- well, for being a teenage Momma. Jamie is just trying to keep up with big sis Britney, who has "won" two Stinky Diaper awards. Momma Lynne must be so proud.

And Stinky Diapers went to celebrity Mommas who have a baby and then a couple weeks later are back to size toothpick. Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry (recently named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine) and all the celebmoms in between are called out for dropping the baby weight too fast and setting a poor example for Mommas in the real world. Maybe they should all take a lesson from Minnie Driver who says she is not in a rush to take off the baby pounds.

Check out all the "winners" here.

-- Sherry Robinson

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