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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Back to school means (ugh) back to selling gift wrap, coupon books, popcorn ...



When I saw this post on the Let's Talk blog about going back to school, I thought yes, the first thing that comes to mind is that getting the kids back in school means getting off the summer camp merry go Mom_giftwrapfund round. But obviously Mary had another thought:  "EVERYONE at work that has kids will be trying to sell everything from candy bars to gift wrap. These people usually make more money than me and I never had kids so, I guess I'm a grouch (grinch?) and don't buy into it (pun intended!)."

At back-to-school night recently, one of the first things to greet parents was an announcement that the fundraiser would start soon after school began. The packet itself came home in backpacks the first week of school. And I will dutifully pass it around. Don't hate me because I'm dutiful!

I know we have to do it to be able to afford new equipment, supplies and extras, so I shouldn't complain. But the truth is, I have a job that really does take up my time. Taking time out of a busy work day to track down the book and make sure people pay at the time of purchase is a pain. Add to that the fact that many people don't have extra cash these days, with downsizing at so many companies, there are now fewer people to sell to. And my relatives know what this time of year means. They probably hate to see an email coming from me.

And it's not just the schools. There are sports teams, Scouts, youth groups -- you name it, all crying out for the little money we do have. Last year, when this subject came up, we looked at those fund-raising ideas that do well and those that just need help.

Our favorite now is the discount card. Our school sells it and you usually get a free sandwich or a percentage off a meal. And the card usually only costs about $10. We keep it in the car because it's a good deal to drive through the fast food line and get a free sandwich.

So, enough complaining. On to sending out my emails and passing around the catalog. Hey, I think I see someone who I haven't gotten to buy something.

-- Times Moms

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