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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Bagging lunch just got easier



lunchboxes.jpgTired of spending a fortune in takeout lunches? I had to pass on this discovery I made: Like Lunchables for adults, Easy Lunch Boxes make it, well, easy, and I've been finding that I look forward to toting my lunch to work. Come fall, my third grader will be using this as well. I know I'm sounding like Billy Mays, but I was not given this product. I saw it and bought it and wanted to give props to the mom inventor who came up with this easy system.

I have long admired the crafty moms who whip up bento creations to make lunch interesting and nutritious. But I'm a slacker, and I know I will never muster the organization and creativity it takes to make cheese in the shape of birds or rabbit-shaped apple wedges. Just. Not. Happening. Still, you can't do an article on people who make bento lunches without being affected while packing lunches.

The Laptop Lunch system seems to make it easy, but those kits run $32-$40. And I can't see how I can keep up with all those containers (and my little absent minded professor is lucky if he brings his lunchbox home).

That's why I was excited to see good reviews on Amazon for these Easy Lunch Boxes. Though they look like the disposable containers you see in the grocery stores, these are much sturdier, PBA-free and they give dieters much-needed portion control. A set of four sells for $13.95 on (or get it shipped for free if you are an Amazon Prime customer).

eggsaladlunch.jpgWith only one lid to keep up with, I'm not playing matchmaker with lids and bowls and I'm not using a bazillion plastic bags. Instead, I take the leftovers from dinner and put them in the main compartment, for the sides I've put in things like 3 fat strawberries, some leftover salad or veggies, or I'll put in a handful of nuts or granola in one side and yogurt on the other.  I packed two days worth of lunches from one recent meal and in truth, it was almost too much food. They are surprisingly deep wells.

Though the package says it can withstand the dishwasher, I'm handwashing my precious lids so they don't get warped. And when packing liquids like yogurt, I followed the directions on the website and added a piece of plastic wrap between the yogurt and the lid, and it did well on the travels.

I've been carting my lunch by reusing a grocery bag, but they also sell an insulated lunchbox I have my eye on for $7.95 that holds two of these containers, with room left over for an ice pack and drink.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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[Last modified: Thursday, July 21, 2011 5:31pm]


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