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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Batman Dark Knight toys are fun



Another summer blockbuster, another gaggle of toys to chose from. This time it is the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight," that gives kids a chance to play the Caped Crusader. After reading Steve Persall’s review, it does appear that the toys will be all that you will want your tots and preteens to see of this movie. But some of the toys are lots of fun. Here’s what two 6 year olds thought of four toys we tested.

The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne Shift Attack Sports Coupe (ages 4 and up, $19.99): ThisMom_batmanbrucewayne_3  was by far the favorite toy of the bunch. Remember in "The Incredibles" where Bob Parr lies down in his car and then magically his car converts to a lean, mean, crime-fighting machine and he changes into his Mr. Incredible costume? Well this car is like that. It comes with a Bruce Wayne character (the kids thought it was Alfred the Butler) and a Batman figure that fit into different compartments of the car. When you pull it out, it transforms from slick Wayne sports car to Batmobile with battering rams, missile launchers and turbo engines. One word from both kids: Awesome!

The Dark Knight Wayne Tech Mega Cape and Cowl (ages 4 and up, $39.99): It’s Batmanmaskcape a good thing that this toy is marked  “Not a flying toy’’ a few times in the packaging because it looks like your little one could take off in it. One 6 year old tried on the cape and mask but he was out of it pretty fast. You have to make sure the straps on the harness are on just right so that he can pull the lever that extends the wings of the cape. It’s not difficult but you need to be there in case the lines get a little tangled and the cape won’t open or close correctly. Otherwise, it’s good for kids with active imaginations.

The Dark Knight Quick-Fire Battle Belt with Cape (ages 4 and up, $19.99): This one is like most toys that fire darts: Prepare to buy a second one when you lose the darts. Not only can kids wear the belt but it can transform into a hand-held rapid-fire blaster. The cape, which fastens Mom_batmanbeltcape_3 with Velcro, is just a piece of plastic that seemed a bit heavier than one of those large garbage bags you use to collect leaves. They liked the blaster but this might be a good one for a favorite uncle who likes Batman to buy.

The Dark Knight Crank and Launch Bat-Pod (ages 4 and up, $19.99): The advertising for this one says this motorcycle toy with poseable Batman action Mom_batmanbatpod figure can pop wheelies and do fantastic stunts. But the two 6 year olds didn’t have the arm strength to really rev it up for the maximum speed. When the motorcycle did come off the pod, it wasn’t really speeding. They liked the bike anyway and used their imaginations instead of the pod to play.

-- Sherry Robinson

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