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The best apps for moms



iphone.jpgA lot of folks are fiddling with their new gadgets and smart phones they got for Christmas, so now is a good time for everyone to share their favorite apps for busy moms. Here's mine:

Red Laser is free, which is always a plus for me, but it also makes you a smart shopper. You hold the phone up to an item's bar code and it will tell you what that item is selling for locally and online. I even used it on a book once and it told me which libraries had it!

No Time to Cook? is a dinner idea app from Real Simple magazine. A friend of mine soured on the $4.99 price of this one, but that's way less than a cookbook and I like the ease of it and so far have loved every meal from it. You pick how much time you have, what you have to work with and hit Go. While we are talking about food, Is That Gluten Free? takes the guesswork out of shopping or eating out for people with gluten allergies.

There's also games you can get to keep a kid occupied in a waiting room. I love Angry Birds almost as much as the kids (there are multiple free versions) and this Etch a Sketch app is engrossing (and free) and just like old-school Etch a Sketch screens, you shake it to clear it and start over. Car trips have been greatly enhanged by Songify. Like the Bed Intruder Song, it takes what you say and makes it sound like singing (think Kei$ha) and sets it to a beat. The current No. 1 hit in our car is Who Farted? by my youngest son. I just use the free version and haven't been tempted to buy more.

For counting calories, I like the Livestrong app The Daily Plate and if you are trying to train for a run the Couch to 5K or Couch to 10K apps are a great way to ease into it. Just put it on and  while listening to your own music, a pleasant voice will come on and tell you to "Run now" for 30 seconds, then "Walk now," for 3 minutes for several sets. Do that three times a week and it gradually will increase the length of your runs. So in 8 weeks, you'll be running a 5K.

So tell us readers, what are your favorite apps for making life easier or passing the time at a soccer field?

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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