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Bethenny Frankel offers hope for fat babies



bethenny.jpgThe Real Housewives' Bethenny Frankel wants to get a girl's body issues off to a good start. Jezebel takes issue with her new line of onesies in Cafe Press with "Future SkinnyGirl" emblazoned on it. Frankel peddles diet margaritas under the brand name SkinnyGirl and notes on her creation that "I hope to raise Bryn to value a healthy lifestyle as I do"

Jezebel writer Jessica Coen notes:

I know, I know. Babies are fat. They really are. They're totally gross, what with their sweet-smelling little rolls of baby fat creating adorable muffin tops that uncontrollably spill over their diapers. Honestly, how does a baby even look at itself in the mirror that's hanging over the crib? So yes, I suppose babies need Bethenny's help.  But broadcasting a baby's fat condition, however lamentable it may be, by emblazoning it across her chest is simply an unnecessary amount of pressure at such a young age. Save it for when she's in preschool with her peers and can compare herself to all the other Future SkinnyGirls in her group. And in the meantime, how about an "I Love Margaritas" onesie? It'll get the little gal headed in the right direction.  

So is Bethenny just being funny or totally oblivious to the huge numbers of girls with life-altering body image issues? She does have a great sense of sarcasm but I would hope she would accept her daughter even if she didn't grow up to be skinny. It bothers me a bit that the child may feel she has to represent the family business on her hips.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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[Last modified: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:20pm]


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