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Beyond PB&J -- I need some some lunchbox ideas



lunch.jpegSchool hasn't even started yet and I'm already in a lunchbox rut. Unlike the fabulous bento creations like the one at right I wrote about a few years ago, I tend to switch to a lunchbox default setting. It's the same old peanut butter and jelly, fruit, Wheat Thins, drink and granola bar. Not a bad lunch at all, but we need some variety in our lives. Since many kids are finicky eaters, I would imagine I'm not alone in lacking imagination or kids willing to try something new.

So help me think outside the lunchbox. Here's the few things I have done beyond PB&J, but I could use some more ideas:

  • I make what we call Turkey Rollups or Ham Rollups. It's simply a couple slices rolled up like a cigar but it seems more fun that way. You could also wrap it around a string cheese or a pickle.
  • Cold chicken is one of my favorites, especially drumsticks
  • When they were in day care I used to assemble an assortment of little snacks, like wheat crackers, berries, veggies and dip, mini yogurt, etc. The preschoolers don't really eat too much so it didn't have to be too elaborate.
  • When I'm feeling ambitious I send a Thermos of soup, mac and cheese, spaghetti, etc. They make them in soup container sizes.

~ Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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