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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

The big talk -- about money!



Mom_moneytalk_2Have you had the big talk with your kids yet? I'm not talking about sex in this case. It seems that money is maybe the more immediate concern right now, even for your little tots. With talks of a $700-billion bailout of Wall Street, your children might be wondering what's going on.

In this Associated Press story, one Momma who runs a Web site that deals with helping your kid understand the all mighty dollar thinks that we wouldn't be in this economic tailspin if people would just talk to their kids about money. I think that it is a little over-simplistic, but I do think that discussing finanaces and the economy with your children is a good thing. I wrote here earlier that it's important that kids not think that money grows on trees and that saving money is a smart thing to do.

What's also important is giving so we definitely try to show our sons that by tithing in church and giving to other charities.

Be honest about the economic crisis so that they know that belt tightening will affect the whole family. But when you do have the talk, take care not to scare your children. You want them to concern themselves with the kid stuff -- school, little league and where the next birthday party is going to be.

-- Sherry Robinson


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