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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Boy or girl? Gender prediction test boasts high accuracy rate

Mom_intelligender Objective: Test out the IntelliGender, a baby gender prediction test that came to the attention of Whoa, Momma!  when it went on sale at a local drugstore for $29.99.

Hypothesis: This test says that it can predict the gender of your unborn baby at 10 weeks (that's six weeks from your first missed period). So my initial hypothesis is that this is a gag gift. But an insert boasts that the test has been proven over 90 percent accurate. For sake of experimentation, skepticism is put aside, eyebrow is un-raised and judgement is reserved.

Procedure: Kind of like a home pregnancy test, except this one involves a syringe and a glitter-like substance that can be seen inside the test kit. Yes, glitter. The contents of the cup are swirled, then there is a 10-minute wait. Green means boy and no change or yellow/orange means girl.

Results: After 10 minutes, it appears there has been no change in color. I have tested on a white surface to help eliminate any background color.

Conclusion: Either the test didn’t work for me, I’m slightly color blind or the result is a girl.* A boy test result would be less difficult to discern because of the greater color differentiation between the resulting color and the color of urine. This would make an interesting baby shower game or gift, perhaps. Basically, take this test with a grain of salt -- or glitter, even.


-- Dory Knight-Ingram, Times Momma-to-be

*According to my doctor, I am, indeed, having a girl, so a green result would have been entertaining, to say the least! 

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