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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Boys still wear undershirts?



Tshirt Maybe it's because I grew up with all sisters but I thought undershirts went out of style years ago. And since we live in a relatively hot climate here in Florida (I mean, good gravy, the highs are nearly 80 in JANUARY), it never occurred to me to dress my kids in undershirts because it seems too hot.

Well, my 10 year old informed my of my cluelessness. If even the nerdiest kids at school and the neighborhood wear undershirts, why didn't he have any? Having never been an adolescent boy, I guess I must be missing something.

I had always thought Clark Gable killed the undershirt industry. A co-worker tells me it may be the football jersey (which is what my dear son was wearing the day of my prosecution for cluelessness). Wearing a T-shirt under a meshy shirt like that makes it more comfortable. So I may need to quiz the mini fashinistas on whether they wear them all the time or just with replica football jerseys, which are the THE fashion staple of fifth grade these days.

MattdamonOn the fashion pages, there has been some lamenting that the sight of T-shirts popping up from a man's outfit is the male equivalent of visible panty lines. But the dudes aren't listening. Turns out, the guys think they look cool. How do they know? Because Matt Damon, the Sexiest Man Alive in 2007 clearly has some T-peepage leaking out at the neck here on the cover photo.

Now I find out that what I call a wife-beater shirt is the height of fashion. Ugh! I blame K-Fed.

This is just the first of many blunders I think I am going to make coming from a family of all women and now surrounded by boys. It just never occurred to me to even buy them because, well, girls don't.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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