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Cheap thrills



Mom_babyshop I’ve always been a name-brand buyer. From handbags to salad dressing, I respect a good brand. And I’m willing to spend for the quality or perceived quality.

I’m no different when it comes to baby. But lately I’ve found myself leaning a little more toward shall we say the more price efficient. As the bills pile up -- child care, medical costs, clothes every month -- you get the picture.

It all started with these. At first I bought the fancy schmancy designer bibs. They looked great but food and formula soaked through. A friend suggested the cheaper plastic backed bibs. I cringed. They aren’t cute! But dirty baby clothes aren’t either. So I went for it. They worked great and I sort of digged the bright primary colors. Cheap and chic I thought.

What was happening here? Was Nicole, a designated Diva, losing my swagger?

Not exactly.  Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact there are some ways to go cheap without sacrificing quality. Even when it comes to the stuff you wouldn’t think you could go cheap on. Like diapers. And some parents swear by this brand of baby wash/lotion. In fact, I’ve found videos are a great resource to find out which items I can afford to save on. Parents, just like me, who are looking to save a bit of cash go online and give reviews of various things. I figure if it works for them, I might as well give it a try.

At the end of the day I’ve saved enough money to really spend on what matters. For me, that’s a new mommy and me yoga class. I figure the payoff of contact and learning with my baby is way more important than a designer bib.

-- Nicole Hutcheson, Rookie mom

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