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Christina Aguilera hopes to breastfeed for two years



Xtina_2 First a disclaimer: This news comes from an unnamed  "source" at the tabloid "Star" magazine. That's usually code for "we just made that up." The tab reported that Xtina plans to breastfeed her now 5-month-old son Max for two years because (and here's the part where they are doing some creative writing, methinks) it's a way to keep "hanging on to her ample post-pregnancy bosom."

As anybody stuck with 4 a.m. feedings knows, the boobies alone are not worth the trouble. What should be noted is the World Health Organization recommends 2 years of breastfeeding and pediatricians want to see at least a year of it. (One of our Mommas wrote about her plans to do it that long and even she was given some grief for her choice). Anything after that is gravy for Junior because breastmilk is an underappreciated source of nutrition and immune boosters, an excellent supplement to a toddler diet. 

But the mainstream opinion doesn't seem to have gotten the memo on the benefits of extended breastfeeding. The reactions ranged from File this under Ewwwww!! from the tabloid-loving Popcrunch. And Hollywoodheartbreaker recoiled at photos of the new mom breastfeeding with, "This is definitely marked on my list of “Grossest Things I’ve Seen Today.”

Where does this hostile attitude toward breastfeeding come from? In the land of Hooters, where you can play a game to match up the scantily clad gals to reveal another picture, have we only come to see breasts as playthings?

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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