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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Christmas shopping wishes do come true



Mommas, I'm trusting you here. I scored the best Christmas present deal ever and I have to talk about it!

51ovymagv2l__ss400_ I set myself up for impossible Christmas expectations with both my daughters, 8 and 3, back in October. See, I brought home KOTA the Triceratops to review for our Toy Guide. He of the $299 price tag. Sure, this robotic dinosaur was a hit, with his interactive personality and roaring voice. Both girls howled as they took turns feeding him, riding him and putting him to sleep. But I had no idea the impact he would have.

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago when my girls made their Christmas lists. 8-year-old: puppy, Nintendo DS, KOTA. 3-year-old: KOTA, Dora backpack. Uh, see my problem? We set a budget of $100-$125 a child, which means KOTA and the handheld Nintendo were out.

Until Sunday, when impossible dreams came true! My husband and I went to Costco to look for toys for the 3-year-old and who do we see? KOTA! Now, at Costco that's good news. Their price: $240 minus an instant $110 rebate, so  . . . $130!

But that's not even the best part. Turns out, the display model was the last KOTA in the store, so we got him for $115!

Now I'm saving you the drama my husband and I endured as we left our post guarding KOTA when a store employee told us there were 13 in storage ("Go to the front and we'll bring it to you"). Yep, you guessed it. Another couple was standing guard when my husband returned. Thank goodness I wasn't there. I feel awful for those parents.

Anyway, I'm so thankful that I can get my girls something on their lists. It's a rough year all around and I was worried they wouldn't understand.

Do you have happy Christmas shopping story? Share it with us!

-- Amy Hollyfield

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