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Confessions of an addict: Recessionista friendly 'Twilight' swag



At first, I was reluctant. Twilight? Hmm. No thanks. 

Then my girlfriend convinced me to try the first book, under the convincing arguments that both of us are avid Harry Potter fans and it was summer so I needed some light reading. So I set down my collection of San Francisco Beat Poetry and picked up Twilight

Four days later, I finished the first and needed more. I was consumed, locked up in my little studio apartment's loveseat, devouring every steamy morsel of the story.  After finishing the last book, I started shopping around for some swag. But Walmart's commercialized and uninventive merch left me less than dazzled. Whilst searching for a cover for my cell phone, I stumbled on Malena's site on

Her site features unique and custom Twilight themed items.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swann gazing wistfully into each other's eyes on a cute wristlet for $25 plus shipping. 

Mom_bellaonesie For $15, you can purchase a customized Twilight infant onesie, shown at left, a red apple is printed in the center and  offers two versions. “My Mommy is a Bella,” or “My Daddy is an Edward.”

Robert Pattison's bad boy glare on an iPod cover for $12.50 plus shipping. Handbags, T-shirts and panties. There is even an original coffee table mosaic of the twilight book cover for $150. 

I gasped, I wanted it all. Furthermore, I could afford it. I thought, the world must know about this.

My personal favorite is the wallet featuring the prom scene from the first flick for $28. It is length-wise so there is room for my checkbook. Plus the image is actually printed on the fabric as opposed to an iron-on.

  Malena boasts that custom orders are her specialty, and with so many images from the film available the possibilities are infinite, like Bella and Edward's passion. Or at least as infinite as our obsession with their fictional relationship. 

So fans -- and family and friends of fans -- check out this hub of special Twilight gear that will undoubtedly strike up conversation without breaking the bank.

-- Arielle Stevenson, Times staffer and guest blogger

[Last modified: Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:04am]


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